ACSAC 2013 Dec. 9, 2013 to Dec. 13, 2013, New Orleans, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Control-Flow Restrictor: Compiler-based CFI for iOS Thorsten Holz , Jannik Pewny N/A
DR BACA: Dynamic Role Based Access Control for Android Felix Rohrer , Yuting Zhang , Lou Chitkushev , Tanya Zlateva N/A
Mobile Systems Security 2 Hassan Takabi N/A
Towards the Application of Security Controls in a Systems Engineering Environment Michael Mcevilley N/A
Poster Reception with light refreshments (Lafitte AB) Raheem Beyah N/A
Works-in-Progress (DH Holmes AB) Raheem Beyah N/A
SPIDER: Stealthy Binary Program Instrumentation and Debugging Via Hardware Virtualization Dongyan Xu , Zhui Deng , Xiangyu Zhang N/A
Forum: LASER Workshop Carl Landwehr , Nathaniel Husted , David Balenson , Laura Tinnel N/A
Mobile Systems Security 1 Adam Aviv N/A
Seeing is Not Believing: Visual Verifications Through Liveness Analysis using Mobile Devices Bogdan Carbunar , Mahmudur Rahman , Umut Topkara N/A
Crossover: Secure and Usable User Interface for Mobile Devices with Multiple Isolated OS Personalities Matthias Lange , Steffen Liebergeld N/A
PatchDroid: Scalable Third-Party Security Patches for Android Devices Jon Oberheide , Collin Mulliner , William Robertson , Engin Kirda N/A
Hardware and Virtualization Security Stephen Mclaughlin N/A
A Comprehensive Black-box Methodology for Testing the Forensic Characteristics of Solid-state Drives Stefano Zanero , Federico Maggi , Gabriele Bonetti , Marco Viglione , Alessandro Frossi N/A
Implementation and Implications of a Stealth Hard-Drive Backdoor Travis Goodspeed , Davide Balzarotti , Erik-oliver Blass , Jonas Zaddach , Aurélien Francillon , Anil Kurmus , Moitrayee Gupta , Ioannis Koltsidas N/A
Subverting System Authentication Using Context-Aware, Reactive Virtual Machine Introspection Yangchun Fu , Zhiqiang Lin , Kevin W. Hamlen N/A
A Portable User-Level Approach for System-wide Integrity Protection R. Sekar , Wai Kit Sze N/A
Uncovering Access Control Weaknesses and Flaws with Security-Discordant Software Clones François Gauthier , Thierry Lavoie , Ettore Merlo N/A
Systems Security Thomas Moyer N/A
Beehive: Large-Scale Log Analysis for Detecting Suspicious Activity in Enterprise Networks Ari Juels , William Robertson , Engin Kirda , Alina Oprea , Ting-fang Yen , Kaan Onarlioglu , Todd Leetham N/A
Teaching the Art of Red Teaming Brian Isle N/A
Panel: Securing the Future Smart Grid: Where Do We Go Next? Paul Smith , Rajit Gadh , Robert W Griffin , Klaus Kursawe N/A
Network Security Xinming Ou N/A
No Attack Necessary: The Surprising Dynamics of SSL Trust Relationships Robin Sommer , Matthias Vallentin , Seth Hall , Bernhard Amann N/A
Socket Overloading for Fun and Cache-Poisoning Amir Herzberg , Haya Shulman N/A
Design and Configuration of High Security IPv6 Networks Enno Rey N/A
Real World Security - Deployment and Beyond 2 Joe Jarzombek N/A
GPU and CPU Parallelization of Honest-but-Curious Secure Two-Party Computation Nathaniel Husted , Abhi Shelat , Steve Myers , Paul Grubbs N/A
Do I know You? - Efficient and Privacy-Preserving Common Friend-Finder Protocols and Applications Emiliano de Cristofaro , N. Asokan , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Alexandra Dmitrienko , Marcin Nagy N/A
PRIME: Private RSA Infrastructure for Memory-less Encryption Tilo Muller , Behrad Garmany N/A
Applying/Applied Cryptography David Balenson N/A
Panel: Challenges in Securing Medical Cyber-Physical Systems Srdjan Capkun , Denis foo Kune , Eugene y. Vasserman , Krishna Venkatasubramanian , Pat Baird N/A
Invited Essayist Keynote (DH Holmes AB) Carl Landwehr N/A
SigMal: A Static Signal Processing Based Malware Triage Giovanni Vigna , Dhilung Kirat , Lakshman Nataraj , B.s Manjunath N/A
NIST EO Cyber Security Framework Initiative Kevin Stine , Nist (project Lead) N/A
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) Security Gabriela Ciocarlie N/A
CPS: An Efficiency-motivated Attack Against Autonomous Vehicular Transportation Ryan M. Gerdes , Chris Winstead , Kevin Heaslip N/A
CPS:Stateful Policy Enforcement for Control System Device Usage Stephen Mclaughlin N/A
Passwords and Authentication Sarah Diesburg N/A
Pitfalls in the Automated Strengthening of Passwords Trent Jaeger , David Schmidt N/A
Revisiting Graphical Passwords for Augmenting, not Replacing, Text Passwords Ugur Cil , Kemal Bicakci , Murat Akpulat N/A
Cyber Resiliency Rich Graubart , Deb Bodeau , Rosalie Mcquaid , Mitre Corporation N/A
Classic Book Panel: 30 Years Later: The Legacy of the Trusted Computer Systems Evaluation Criteria (DH Holmes AB) Rick Smith , Daniel Faigin , Olin Sibert N/A
DUET: Integration of Dynamic and Static Analyses for Malware Clustering with Cluster Ensembles Kang G. Shin , Xin Hu N/A
Malware Guofei Gu N/A
Extraction of Statistically Significant Malware Behaviors Sirinda Palahan , Domagoj Babic , Swarat Chaudhuri , Daniel Kifer N/A
MyCloud-Supporting User-Configured Privacy Protection in Cloud Computing Peng Liu , Kun Bai , Wanyu Zang , Min Li , Meng Yu N/A
k-subscription: Privacy-Preserving Microblogging Browsing Through Obfuscation Thorsten Holz , Evangelos P. Markatos , Michalis Polychronakis , Panagiotis Papadopoulos , Antonis Papadogiannakis , Apostolis Zarras N/A
Message In A Bottle: Sailing Past Censorship Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Luca Invernizzi N/A
Privacy and Privacy Preserving Technologies Steven Myers N/A
Panel: A High Assurance Reference Architecture for Industrial and Process Control Systems Ron Ross , Blaine Burnham , Roger Schell , Todd Bauer , Sandia , Timothy Mcmillan N/A
Integrating Systems Engineering and Security Engineering: NIST SP 800-160 Michael Mcevilley N/A
Designing State-of-the-Art Business Partner Connections Matthias Luft N/A
The Man Who Was There: Validating Check-ins in Location-Based Services Evangelos P. Markatos , Iasonas Polakis , Elias Athanasopoulos , Stamatis Volanis N/A
Discovery of Emergent Malicious Campaigns in Cellular Networks Wei Wang , Suhas Mathur , Baris Coskun , Nathaniel Boggs , Carol Pincock N/A
Real World Security - Deployment and Beyond 1 Art Friedman N/A
Detecting and Reporting Counterfeit and Tainted Products Joe Jarzombek N/A
Ethnographic Fieldwork at a University IT Security Office Xinming Ou N/A
AFrame: Isolating Advertisements from Mobile Applications in Android Wenliang Du , Xiao Zhang , Amit Ahlawat N/A
Mobile Networks and Apps Ahmad-reza Sadeghi N/A
Panel: Cybersecurity and Cyber-Physical Systems: A Government Perspective Kevin Stine , Hassan Takabi , David Corman , Daniel Massey N/A
T7. Cyber-Physical Systems Security Alvaro A. Cárdenas N/A
Distinguished Practitioner Keynote :Applying Systems Thinking to Security and Safety Nancy Leveson N/A
Next Generation Malware Attacks and Defense Workshop (NGMAD) Harvey H. Rubinovitz N/A
T6. Authentication & Authorization Standards for the Cloud Hassan Takabi N/A
T5. Finding Data Leaks in Applications, Network Protocols, and Systems with Open Source Computer Forensics Tools Simson Garfinkel N/A
M1. Mobile Security: Securing Mobile Devices & Applications David Lindner N/A
M2. Integrating Security Engineering and Software Engineering Carsten Rudolph , Antonio Maña Gomez , Ronald S. Ross , Mr. Ruiz N/A
M3. Introduction to Reverse Engineering Malware Golden Iii N/A
Tracer Fire Kevin Nauer , Ben Anderson , Theodore Reed , Sandia National Labs N/A
Layered Assurance Workshop (LAW) Peter G. Neumann , Rance Delong , Gabriela Ciocarlie N/A
T4. Analysing Android Malware at Runtime Giovanni Russello N/A
FireDroid: Hardening Security in Almost-Stock Android Giovanni Russello , Arturo Blas Jimenez , Habib Naderi , Wannes Mark N/A
Panel: Future of Resilience Tom Longstaff , Scott W. Tousley , Kevin Bingham , Rich Carelli N/A
Web and Cloud Security Amir Houmansadr N/A
SilverLine: Preventing Data Leaks from Compromised Web Applications Nick Feamster , Anirudh Ramachandran , Yogesh Mundada N/A
Validating Web Content with Senser Micah Sherr , Jordan Wilberding , Andrew Yates , Wenchao Zhou N/A
Auto-FBI: A User-friendly Approach for Secure Access to Sensitive Content on the Web Mohsen Zohrevandi , Rida A. Bazzi N/A