baythreat 2013 Dec. 6, 2013 to Dec. 7, 2013, California,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Beware of Network: Unleash Your Network on Threats and Adversaries Randy Ivener , Joe Karpenko N/A
This Domain Name Will Self-destruct Tomorrow Frank Denis N/A
Managing Vulnerability: or, why letting outside researchers handle testing and tracking is not in your best interest Jessica Solper N/A
Network Forensics with Bro(s) Anthony Kasza N/A
So You Want to Build A Burp Plugin? Monika Morrow N/A
If You Build It Devs Will Come Flee , Lisa Hall N/A
Bypassing Content-Security-Policy Kuza55 N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
On Building Widely Deployed Cryptographic Devices Nathan Mccauley N/A
Effective Hardware Anti-Tamper by Realtime Verification of Physically Unclonable Functions - Or how to thwart the "Evil Maid" Ryan Lackey , Eric Michaud N/A
The Ripple Effect (3D) - Containing Cryptolocker" & "Visualizing Knowledge Ping Yan , Thibault Reuille N/A
Tales from the Trenches: Rollout of Static Analysis Tools for Large Enterprises Laksh Raghavan N/A
Big Data For Security Is 99% Hype? What's the 1%?! Anton Chuvakin N/A
No Apology Required: Deconstructing BB10 Quine , Bnull N/A
Hacking Minecraft: All your blocks are belong to us Michael Carlson N/A
For relaxing times, make it Suntory time. Bob Harris N/A
Running at 99%: Surviving an Application DoS Ryan Huber N/A
Baby Got Risk: I like Big Data and I Can Not Lie Big Davi Ottenheimer N/A
Hacking Mainframes Like a Boss Sarbanes 0xba115 , Soldier Of Fortran N/A
BT Wireless Routers: Adventures in Reversing and Exploiting Zachary Cutlip N/A
Operating * By the Numbers Allison Miller N/A
Applying Machine Learning to Network Security Monitoring Alexandre Pinto N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
That Kill Chain Thing: Let's Make the Academic Practical Jason Craig N/A
Wacky Bugs and Running a Bug Bounty Collin Greene N/A
Targeted Malware Final Form (APTrololol) Fuzzynop , Wartortell N/A
Using Robots to Fight Bad Guys Scott Roberts N/A