botconf 2013 Dec. 5, 2013 to Dec. 6, 2013, Paris,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening speech Eric Freyssinet N/A
Invited talk: Preliminary results from the European antibotnet pilot action ACDC. Integrating industry, research and operational networks into detecting and mitigating botnets Ulrich Seldeslachts N/A
Advanced Techniques in Modern Banking Trojans Thomas Siebert N/A
Spam and All Things Salty: Spambot v2013 Jessa Dela Torre N/A
Distributed Malware Proxy Networks Brad Porter , Nick Summerlin N/A
Legal limits of proactive actions: Coreflood botnet example Oğuz Kaan Pehlivan N/A
Back to life, back to correlation Vasileios Friligkos N/A
Using cyber intelligence to detect and localize botnets Enrico Branca N/A
Zombies in your browser Prakhar Prasad , Himanshu Sharma N/A
Spatial Statistics as a Metric for Detecting Botnet C2 Servers Barry Irwin , Etienne Stalmans N/A
The Home and CDorked campaigns : Widespread Malicious Modification of Webservers for Mass Malware Distribution Sébastien Duquette N/A
Malware Calling Tomasz Bukowski , Maciej Kotowicz , Łukasz Siewierski N/A
Disass Ivan Fontarensky N/A
Efficient Program Exploration by Input Fuzzing Jean-yves Marion , Thanh Dinh Ta , Guillaume Bonfante N/A
The power of a team work – Management of Dissecting a Fast Flux Botnet, OP-Kelihos “Unleashed” Hendrik Adrian , Dhia Mahjoub N/A
Perdix: a framework for realtime behavioral evaluation of security threats in cloud computing environment Julien Lavesque , Hervé Luga , Meriam Mahjoub , Sébastien Aucouturier , Christophe Bisière , Jean-nicolas Piotrowski N/A
Participatory Honeypots: A Paradigm Shift in the Fight Against Mobile Botnets Pasquale Stirparo , Laurent Beslay N/A
My Name is Hunter, Ponmocup Hunter Tom Ueltschi N/A
Reputation-based Life-course Trajectories of Illicit Forum Members David Décary-hétu N/A
APT1: Technical Backstage Paul Rascagneres N/A
Invited talk: Europol and European law enforcement action against botnets Jaap Van Oss N/A
A General-purpose Laboratory for Large-scale Botnet Experiments Daniel Plohmann , Sebastian Eschweiler , Elmar Gerhards-padilla , Thomas Barabosch , Mohammad Qasem , Daniel Panteleit N/A
DNS Resolution Traffic Analysis Applied to Bot Detection Ronan Mouchoux N/A
Exploit Krawler: New Weapon againt Exploits Kits Sébastien Larinier , Guillaume Arcas N/A
BladeRunner: Adventures in Tracking Botnets Marc Eisenbarth , Jason Jones N/A