PRDC 2013 Dec. 2, 2013 to Dec. 4, 2013, Vancouver,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote 1: Tadayoshi Kohno Abstract: Computers are now integrating into everyday objects, from medical devices to children's toys. This ...
Session A1: Checkpointing and Voting Satoshi Fukumoto N/A
Checkpointing Strategies with Prediction Windows, Guillaume Aupy , Yves Robert , Frederic Vivien , Dounia Zaidouni N/A
On the Combination of Silent Error Detection and Checkpointing, Guillaume Aupy , Yves Robert , Frederic Vivien , Dounia Zaidouni , Anne Benoit , Thomas Herault N/A
Improving Reliability of Real-Time Systems through Value and Time Voting, Huseyin Aysan , Iain Bate , Patrick Graydon , Sasikumar Punnekkat N/A
Session B1: Fault Injection and Test Takashi Nanya N/A
EDFI: A Dependable Fault Injection Tool for Dependability Benchmarking Experiments, Cristiano Giuffrida , Anton Kuijsten , Andrew S. Tanenbaum N/A
Towards Formal Approaches to System Resilience, Vishal Sharma , Arvind Haran , Zvonimir Rakamaric , Ganesh Gopalakrishnan N/A
Acceleration of Random Testing for Software, Shengfeng Wu , Yue Wu , Shiyi Xu N/A
Session A2: Consensus Zvonimir Rakamaric N/A
A Generic Consensus Algorithm for Shared Memory, Catia Khouri , Fabiola Greve N/A
Probabilistic Analysis of a 1-of-n Selection Algorithm using a Moderately Pessimistic Decision Criterion, Johan Karlsson , Negin Fathollahnejad , Emilia Villani , Risat Pathan , Raul Barbosa N/A
Fault-Tolerant Leader Election in Mobile Dynamic Distributed Systems, Alberto Perez Lafuente , Carlos Gomez-calzado , Mikel Larrea , Michel Raynal N/A
Session B2: Error Detection and Correction 1 Shiyi Xu N/A
Analyzing Reliability of Memory Subsystems with Double Chipkill Detect/Correct, Xun Jian , Nathan Debardeleben , Sean Blanchard , Vilas Sridharan , Rakesh Kumar N/A
Building Fast, Dense, Low-Power Caches Using Erasure-Based Inline Multi-Bit ECC, Jangwoo Kim , Mark Mccartney , Mudit Bhargava , Hyunggyun Yang , Ken Mai , Babak Falsafi N/A
Reliability of Disk Arrays with Double Parity, S.j. Thomas Schwarz , Darrell D.e. Long , Jehan-francois Paris N/A
Session A3: Fast Abstracts Kalyan Vaidyanathan N/A
On the Error Resiliency of Combinational Logic Cells - Implications for Nano-based Digital Design, P Balasubramanian , S. Yamashita N/A
dOSEK: A Dependable RTOS for Automotive Applications, Martin Hoffmann , Christian Dietrich , Daniel Lohmann N/A
Two-Phase Majority Decision Scheme Using Time-Stamps, Yuzuru Maya N/A
Reliability Prediction of Smartphone Applications Through Their Failure Data Analysis, Sonia Meskini , Ali Bou Nassif , Luiz Fernando Capretz N/A
Consistency verification of UML diagrams based on process bisimulation, Tomoyuki Yokogawa , Sousuke Amasaki , Hisashi Miyazaki , Keisuke Okazaki , Yoichiro Sato , Kazutami Arimoto N/A
Synthesis of Redundant Combinatorial Logic for Selective Fault Tolerance, Hao Xie , Li Chen , Adrian Evans , Shi-jie Wen , Rick Wong N/A
Classification of DNS queries for Anomaly Detection, Hongbo Shi , Kazuhiko Iwasaki N/A
A Class of q-Ary Unidirectional Error Correcting Codes for MLC Flash Memories, Shohei Kotaki , Masato Kitakami N/A
A Note on Influence of DC-DC Converter Noise in CAN Networks, Satoshi Fukumoto , Mamoru Ohara , Masayuki Arai N/A
Reducing Communication Delay by Finding Sink Location in Low-Duty-Cycle Wireless Sensor Networks, Yu-yuan Lin , Kuo-feng Ssu , Hau-yu Chiang , Chun-hao Yang N/A
A Delay-awareness Routing Protocol in Intermittently Connected Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks, Yu-yuan Lin , Kuo-feng Ssu , Chun-hao Yang N/A
Zero-Maintenance Disk Arrays, Jehan-Francois Paris, S.j. Thomas Schwarz , Darrell D.e. Long N/A
Enhancing Location Privacy in Host Identity Protocol using Multiple Forwarding Session Initiation, Li Wei , Takashi Minohara N/A
Adaptive Redundant Data Allocation for Systems with Probabilistically Available Storage Elements, Kousuke Ota , Viet Ta Hong , Haruhiko Kaneko N/A
Characterizing and Understanding the Error Resilience of GPGPU Applications, Matei Ripeanu , Bo Fang , Karthik Pattabiraman , Sudhanva Gurumurthi N/A
Understanding the sources of reliability issues in JavaScript / HTML5 / CSS, Karthik Pattabiraman , Kartik Bajaj , Ali Mesbah N/A
Towards an Approach for Failure Prediction in Cloud Clusters, Karthik Pattabiraman , Xin Chen , Charng-da Lu N/A
Locating Silent Data Corruption Causing Regions at Software Layer for Error Detection, Qining Lu , Jude Rivers , Meeta Pattabiraman N/A
Keynote 2: Kenny Gross Comprehensive Prognostics for Enhanced Dependability of Integrated Hardware/Software Enterprise Servers and Clusters Abstract: Business-critical enterprise ...
Session A4: Modeling with Networks Layali Rashid N/A
Derivation of Stochastic Reward Net for Compatibility and Conformance Verification of Component Erroneous Behavior Model, Dorina C. Petriu , Naif Alzahrani N/A
Survivability Evaluation of Fluid Critical Infrastructure using Hybrid Petri Nets, Hamed Ghasemieh , Anne Remke , Boudewijn R. Haverkort N/A
Probabilistic Modeling of Failure Dependencies Using Markov Logic Networks, Patrick Lincoln , Shalini Ghosh , Wilfried Steiner , Grit Denker N/A
Session B4: Industry Track Presentations Bob Yeh N/A
Dragonfruit: Cloud Provider-Agnostic Trustworthy Cloud Data Storage and Remote Processing, Eric W.d. Rozier , Saman A. Zonouz , David Redberg N/A
Mobility-enabled Publish/Subscribe: A Case Study, Alberto Perez Lafuente , Mikel Larrea , Zigor Salvador N/A
Mining Large Network Reconnaissance Data, Fyodor Yarochkin , Yennun Huang , Yung-li Hu , Sy-yen Kuo N/A
Session A5: Distributed Systems Christian Engelmann N/A
Assessment Criteria for Cloud Identity Management Systems, Rahat Masood , Umme Habiba , Abdul Ghafoor Abassi , Muhammad Awais Shibli N/A
Exploring Time and Frequency Domains for Accurate and Automated Anomaly Detection in Cloud Computing Systems, Nathan Debardeleben , Sean Blanchard , Qiang Guan , Song Fu N/A
Minotor: Monitoring Timing and Behavioral Properties for Dependable Distributed Systems, Jean-charles Fabre , Olivier Baldellon , Matthieu Roy N/A
Session B5: Error Detection , Correction 2 Darrell D.e. Long N/A
Power of One Bit: Increasing Error Correction Capability with Data Inversion, Rakan Maddah , Sangyeun Cho , Rami Melhem N/A
Tolerating Noise in MLC PCM with Multi-Bit Error Correction Code, Xiaowei Li , Bing Li , Shan Shuchang , Hu Yu N/A
Applying Reduced Precision Arithmetic to Detect Errors in Floating Point Multiplication, Kushal Seetharam , Lance Keh , Ralph Nathan , Daniel J. Sorin N/A
Session A6: Security Yennun Huang N/A
Sechduler: A Security-Aware Kernel Scheduler, Saman A. Zonouz , Rui Han , Parisa Haghani N/A
FloTracker: Log-Free and Instantaneous Host-Based Intrusion Root-Cause Analysis, Saman A. Zonouz , Ahmad Seyfi , Alejandro Mesa , Gabriel Salles-loustau N/A
Secure Scan Design with Dynamically Configurable Connection, Yuta Atobe , Youhua Shi , Masao Yanagisawa , Nozomu Togawa N/A
Session B6: Modeling Hiroyuki Okamura N/A
FuzzTrees - Failure Analysis with Uncertainties, Peter Troger , Franz Becker , Felix Salfner N/A
User-Perceived Instantaneous Service Availability Evaluation, Rafael Rezende , Andreas Dittrich , Miroslaw Malek N/A
Prediction and Classification of Performance Failures in Video-streaming Servers, Carlos Augusto Cunha , Luis Silva N/A
Session A7: Safety and Robustness Nobuyasu Kanekawa N/A
Safe Virtual Interrupts Leveraging Distributed Shared Resources and Core-to-Core Communication on Many-Core Platforms, Boris Motruk , Jonas Diemer , Philip Axer , Rainer Buchty , Mladen Berekovic N/A
Towards a Certifiable Integration of SRAM-based FPGAs in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems, Henning Sahlbach , Rolf Ernst N/A
HLA Middleware Robustness and Scalability Evaluation in the Context of Satellite Simulators, Denise Rotondi Azevedo , Ana Maria Ambrosio , Marco Vieira N/A
Session B7: Software Reliability Min Xie N/A
Orthros: A High-Reliability Operating System with Transmigration of Processes, Kenji Yoshida , Shoichi Saito , Koichi Mouri , Hiroshi Matsuo N/A
Generalized Cox Proportional Hazards Regression-based Software Reliability Modeling with Metrics Data, Hiroyuki Okamura , Daisuke Kuwa , Tadashi Dohi N/A