WIFS 2013 Dec. 3, 2013 to Dec. 6, 2013, Guangzhou,China

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tutorial 1: Image Statistical Models for Information Forensics Yun Q. Shi N/A
Tutorial 2: The Information Forensics and Security Challenges of Big Data Eric W.d. Rozier N/A
Keynote 1: From Scientific Publication to Commercial Product Jaap Haitsma N/A
Secure Evaluation of Private Functions through Piecewise Linear Approximation Mauro Barni , Riccardo Lazzeretti , Tommaso Pignata N/A
Privacy-Preserving Recommender Systems in Dynamic Environments Z. Erkin , T. Veugen , R. L. Lagendijk N/A
Integrated Secure Watermark Detection And Privacy Preserving Storage in the Compressive Sensing Domain Qia Wang , Wenjun Zeng , Jun Tian N/A
Fast and secure similarity search in high dimensional space Benjamin Mathon , Teddy Furon , Laurent Amsaleg , Hervé Jégou N/A
Building a Privacy-Preserving Semantic Overlay for Peer-to-Peer Networks Zekeriya Erkin , Niels Zeilemaker , Paolo Palmieri , Johan Pouwelse N/A
The Perils of Cross-Silo Deduplication: Trading User Security for Provider Storage Efficiency Eric W.d. Rozier N/A
The Watchful Forensic Analyst: Multi-Clue Information Fusion with Background Knowledge Carmela Troncoso , Mauro Barni , Marco Fontani , Enrique Argones-rúa N/A
Feature-Based Classification for Audio Bootlegs Detection P. Bestagini , M. Zanoni , L. Albonico , A. Paganini , A. Sarti , S. Tubaro N/A
Exploring Color Information to Characterize Camcorder Piracy Juan José Moreira-pérez , Bertrand Chupeau , Gwenaël Doërr , Séverine Baudry N/A
ENF Based Location Classification of Sensor Recordings Min Wu , Adi Hajj-ahmad , Ravi Garg N/A
Splicing Detection in Out-of-Focus Blurred Images Khosro Bahrami , Alex C. Kot , Jiayuan Fan N/A
Separate MAP Adaptation of GMM Parameters for Forensic Voice Comparison on Limited Data Chee Cheun Huang , Julien Epps , Ewald Enzinger N/A
Unsupervised Multi-view Dimensionality Reduction with Application to Audio-Visual Speaker Retrieval Xuran Zhao , Nicholas Evans , Jean-luc Dugelay N/A
Testing the validity and reliability of forensic voice comparison based on reassigned time-frequency representations of Chinese /iau/ Ewald Enzinger N/A
Restoring Blood Vessel Patterns from JPEG Compressed Skin Images for Forensic Analysis Xiaojie Li , Adams Wai-kin Kong N/A
ECG Biometric Recognition: Permanence Analysis of QRS Signals for 24 Hours Continuous Authentication Ruggero Donida Labati , Roberto Sassi , Fabio Scotti N/A
Keynote 2: Security and Privacy in the Cloud Pierangela Samarati N/A
Optimum Perfect Steganography of Memoryless Sources as a Rate-Distortion Problem Félix Balado , David Haughton N/A
The Holey Grail: A special score function for non-binary traitor tracing B. Škorić , J.-j. Oosterwijk , J. Doumen N/A
Correlation-and-bit-aware Multiplicative Spread Spectrum Embedding for Data Hiding Xiaoqiang Zhang , Z. Jane Wang N/A
Dynamic Traitor Tracing Schemes, Revisited Thijs Laarhoven N/A
Towards transferable watermarks in buyer-seller watermarking protocols Bjo¨rn Terelius N/A
A GA Optimization Approach to HS Based Multiple Reversible Data Hiding Junxiang Wang , Jiangqun Ni N/A
Set-Membership Identification of Resampled Signals David Va´zquez-pad´ın , Pedro Comesan˜a , Fernando Pe´rez-gonza´lez N/A
Joint detection of full-frame linear filtering and JPEG compression in digital images Fernando Perez-gonzalez , Valentina Conotter , Pedro Comesaña N/A
Forensically Determining the Order of Signal Processing Operations Matthew C. Stamm , Xiaoyu Chu , K. Liu N/A
Near Optimal Detection of Quantized Signals and Application to JPEG Forensics Fernando Perez-gonzalez , Tiziano Bianchi , Alessandro Piva N/A
Keynote 3: Authentication on Emerging Interfaces Wenjun Zeng , Nasir Memon N/A
Demo and Poster Session Fernando P. Gonzalez , Xiangui Kang N/A
The Individuality of Relatively Permanent Pigmented or Vascular Skin Marks (RPPVSM) in Independently and Uniformly Distributed Patterns Adams Wai-kin Kong , Arfika Nurhudatiana , Deborah Chon , Lisa Altieri , Siu-yeung Cho , Noah Craft N/A
A Real-Time Design Based on FPGA for Expeditious Error Reconciliation in QKD System Ke Cui , Jian Wang , Hong-fei Zhang , Chun-li Luo , Ge Jin , Teng-yun Chen N/A
Privacy threats for Facebook users in internet censoring countries like China Feno Heriniaina Rabevohitra N/A
Improving Conditional Probability Based Camera Source Identification Shujun Li , Syamsul Yahaya , Anthony Ts Ho N/A
Writing on Dirty Paper with Binary Auxiliary Random Variable Mauro Barni , Andrea Abrardo N/A
Collusion Deterrence in Multi-Party Computation –An Evolutionary Game-Theoretic Approach Zhaohong Wang , Sen-ching Cheung N/A
How to Construct Progressive Visual Cryptography Schemes Hachiro Fujita , Wenjuan Wang N/A
Estimation of Noise Channel from Fingerprinting Codeword Minoru Kuribayashi N/A
Detecting Frame Deletion in H.264 Video Hongmei Liu , Songtao Li N/A
ECG Signal Storage and Transmission in the Cloud for a Privacy-Preserving Diagnosis System Jiwu Huang , Peijia Zheng N/A
Universal Counter Forensics: Remove All the Traces from The Histogram of Your Processed Image Mauro Barni , Marco Fontani , Benedetta Tondi N/A
Rambutan: Scalable Secure Cloud Deduplication Eric W.d. Rozier , Miguel Gavidia , Alejandro Lorenzo N/A
Audio Analyser: Audio Authenticity Analysis Tool Jiwu Huang , Rui Yang N/A
Multiple-Observation Hypothesis Testing under Adversarial Conditions Mauro Barni , Benedetta Tondi N/A
The Flow Fingerprinting Game Fernando Perez-gonzalez , Juan A. Elices N/A
Attacking image classification based on Bag-of-Visual-Words Mauro Barni , Andrea Costanzo , Ambra Melloni , Paolo Bestagini , Marco Tagliasacchi , Stefano Tubaro N/A
Shot-Based Temporally Respective Frame Generation Algorithm for Video Hashing Xiaocui Liu , Jiande Sun , Ju Liu N/A
Towards a realistic channel model for security analysis of authentication using graphical codes Cle´o Baras , François Cayre N/A
Robust Visual Tracking Using Local Salient Coding and PCA Subspace Modeling Dajun Lin , Huicheng Zheng , Donghong Ma N/A
A Bayesian Approach for Modeling Sensor Influence on Quality, Liveness and Match Score Values in Fingerprint Verification Ajita Rattani , Norman Poh , Arun Ross N/A
De-Duplication Errors in a Biometric System: An Investigative Study Arun Ross , Brian Decann N/A