AUScert 2011 May 15, 2011 to May 18, 2011, Gold Coast, Australia

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote - Writer & Stand-up Comedian: It wasn't me, it was Bennett Arron Bennett Arron N/A
SCADA – is it OVEREXPOSED? Ron Southworth , Lofty Perch N/A
Fundamentals of Hardware Security Devices including the Queensland Smartcard Licence Tim Hudson N/A
IBM: The current threat landscape, and IBM's approach to help you address it effectively Rob Lamb N/A
Netwitness: Getting Ahead of Targeted and Zero-Day Malware Using Multiple Concurrent Detection Methodologies Eddie Schwartz N/A
Endeavour Energy: Convergence Zone: Risk Management in a Smart Metering environment Ian Appleby N/A
Insecurities of HTML5 Client Side Storage Luke Jahnke N/A
Symantec: The Trusted Front Door to the Cloud Jeff Burstein N/A
Trend Micro: How Data Encryption Can Be Used for Disaster Recovery in Public Clouds Glynn Stokes N/A
SCADA and Control System Security in a Post-Stuxnet World Datagram, Lockpicking & Forensic Locksmithing Exposed Steve Marriner, Tripwire: The IT Blind Side: Why are so many organisations Eric Byres N/A
Juniper Networks: Securing the Mobile Revolution Nicko van Someren N/A
HP: Perfect Asymmetry Will Gragido N/A
2010 APAC and Global Security Trends Marc Bown N/A
Building and Trialling the World's First Cellular Security System Jason Maclulich N/A
Random Thoughts on Attackers and Embedded Systems Jason Larsen N/A
Influencing Effective Information Security Decisions Adrian Lush N/A
What happens out of the office doesn’t always stay out of the office Adrian Covich N/A
Do you know if your business is under threat? Christopher Neal N/A
Is Overexposure in the eye of the beholder? Kurtis Longman , Rio Tinto N/A
State of the nation - an update on the malware and phishing threat landscape in the UK Ali Imanat N/A
Social Networks, Enterprise 2.0, and Network Security Rick Ferguson N/A
Cloud pretension - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Paul Ducklin N/A
Improving the Resilience of Enterprise IT Trent Prasser , John Harrison N/A
Geographic Information System (GIS) Uses for Law Enforcement Kyle Caston N/A
Internet Security as a Survival Skill Randy Abrams N/A
Securing the private cloud Gary Gardine N/A
Close the door, they're coming through the window! - Securing Embedded Systems Andrew Jamieson: N/A
NoSQL databases security Louis Nyffenegger N/A
Leveraging the Cloud for Malware Protection Gerhard Eschelbeck N/A
New security threats: is your SIEM ready? Peter Woollacott N/A
Keynote - Navigating the Risks and Threats of Mobile Banking Amit Klein N/A
Myth Busters Brian Hay N/A
SSAC of auDa: DNSSEC – Protecting Your Good Internet Name Bill Caelli N/A
A Case Study of the TJX Network Intrusion Peter Gannon N/A
Ensuring a safe future for the digital world: the Kaspersky vision Eugene Kaspersky N/A
Innovations in Cyber Security to Address 21st Century Challenges Pamela Warren N/A
Security of Large Technical Systems Marcus Sachs N/A
PCI Attack Trends and Predictions Nick Klein , Mike Ryan N/A
The State of Web application Security Grant Murphy N/A
Cyber Vigilantes: How Security Researchers are Hurting the Business of Hacking Tal Be'ery N/A
Content-Aware IAM Lina Liberti N/A
Web Gateway Evolution to Meet the new Threat Landscape Greg Singh N/A
Securing the Internet's Foundations - Addresses and Routing Geoff Huston N/A
Evolution of SpyEye's anti-reversing techniques Tomasz Salacinski N/A
APT - OMG TLA. LOL! Tim Redhead N/A
Tweet, Like, and Skype Your Network into Disaster Corey Nachreiner N/A
Thoughts on securing IPv6 Mark Newton N/A
Transactional Banking Malware – Don’t fear the trojans; fear how they are configured to attack a banking website. Andreas Baumhof N/A
A Practical Approach to Risk Management For Tablet Technologies Scott Deacon N/A
Malware Bytes; but it’s your data that kills you! James Butterworth N/A
Securing home networks - the next frontier Paul Brooks N/A
Playing Devil's Advocate Steve Keating N/A
Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Security Threats? Sandip Joshi N/A
Hyperconnected: What happens when everything has an IP address? Michael Sutton N/A
Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into! Scott Mcintyre N/A
NASA and Bulletproof Hosters Sean Zadig N/A
Is IT Transformation and Mobility threatening the Enterprise Network Environment? Richard Bayliss N/A
Trusted & Compliant Cloud Computing Infrastructure Russell Dietz N/A
Keynote - The Dependability of Complex Socio-Technical Infrastructure Ross Anderson N/A
Mindful numbers: the science and art of rating the risk of software vulnerabilities Maarten Van Horenbeeck N/A
Federated Identity: Easier said than done Stephen Wilson N/A
Trusted Partners: Industry, Government and National Cyber-Security Tim Scully N/A
DNSSEC – Are we there yet? Terence Gray N/A
Wikileaks: Hero or Villian? Andrew Fowler N/A
Vulnerability Management & Penetration Testing Methodology Len Kleinman N/A
N0 Signature for Insider Threat: Early Warning Methodology Explored Hugh Njemanze N/A
Raising the challenge: from cybercrime to cyber warfare John Dubber N/A
Culture Shift: Social Networking and Enterprise Environments (Security Risk vs Reward) John W. Pirc N/A
Virtualisation Security: Implementation & Audit requirements for regulated environments Murray Goldschmidt N/A
Is your Acceptable Usage Policy, Social Media proof? Jason Pearce N/A
5 Security Essentials for Collaboration in the Enterprise Kieran O'shaughnessy N/A