BlackHatDC 2009 Feb. 16, 2009 to Feb. 17, 2009, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
WAF Virtual Patching Challenge: Securing WebGoat with ModSecurity Ryan C. Barnett N/A
SQL Server Anti-Forensics Cesar Cerrudo N/A
XSS Anonymous Browser Matthew Flick N/A
One Cell is Enough to Break Tor's Anonymity Xinwen Fu N/A
Reversing and Exploiting Wireless Sensors Travis Goodspeed N/A
Let Your Mach-O Fly Vincenzo Iozzo N/A
Blinded by Flash: Widespread Security Risks Flash Developers Don't See Prajakta Jagdale N/A
DNS 2008 and the New (old) Nature of Critical Infrastructure Dan Kaminsky N/A
Emulation-based Software Protection Providing Encrypted Code Execution and Page Granularity Code Signing William B Kimball N/A
Keynote: The Move from Strategic Indecision to Leadership in Cyberspace Paul Kurtz N/A
QuietRIATT: Rebuilding the Import Address Table Using Hooked DLL Calls Jason Raber , Brian Krumheuer N/A
Satellite Hacking for Fun and Profit Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
Making Privacy-Preserving Data Mining Practical with Smartcards Andrew Lindell N/A
The Forensic Investigation of a Compromised Oracle Database Server David Litchfield N/A
New Techniques for Defeating SSL/TLS Moxie Marlinspike N/A
Windows Vista Security Internals Michael Muckin N/A
Your Face Is NOT Your Password Duc Nguyen N/A
Snort My Memory Peter Silberman N/A
Dissecting Web Attacks Colin Ames , Val Smith N/A
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The Dangers of Persistent Web Browser Storage Michael Sutton N/A
Attacking Intel Trusted Execution Technology Joanna Rutkowska , Rafal Wojtczuk N/A
Defending Your DNS in a Post-Kaminsky World Paul Wouters N/A