BlackHatDC 2008 Feb. 20, 2008 to Feb. 21, 2008, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Birds of a Feather #1 - CyberCOPS (Not the TV series) Jim Christy , Ken Privette , Ovie Carroll , Andy Fried , Sa David Trosch N/A
Keynote - Quest for the Holy Grail Jerry Dixon N/A
Birds of a Feather #2 - Cyber Commission Recommendations Jerry Dixon , Amit Yoran , Tom Kellerman , James Andrew Lewis N/A
Dynamic Taint Propagation: Finding Vulnerabilities Without Attacking Jacob West , Brian Chess N/A
Botnet Population and Intelligence Gathering Techniques Christopher Davis , David Dagon N/A
Side Channel Analysis on Embedded Systems. Impact and Countermeasures Job de Haas N/A
Bad Sushi - Beating Phishers at Their Own Game Billy Rios , Nitesh Dhanjani N/A
Entertainment Talk - Social Engineering Peter Earnest N/A
IO in the Cyber Domain, Immunity Style Sinan Eren N/A
Biometric and Token-Based Access Control Systems Zac Franken N/A
Comments to Follow the Keynote Andy Fried N/A
Threats to the 2008 Presidential Election Oliver Friedrichs N/A
Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics Fx N/A
Cracking GSM David Hulton N/A
Hacking VoIP through IPSec Tunnels Sachin Jogkelar N/A
A Picture's Worth: Digital Image Analysis Neal Krawetz N/A
SCADA Security Jason Larsen N/A
RFIDIOts!!! -Practical RFID hacking (without soldering irons) Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
Oracle Security David Litchfield N/A
URI Use and Abuse Nathan Mcfeters N/A
Analyzing an Unknown RF-Based Data Transmission (aka: Fun with 27Mhz wireless keyboards) Max Moser N/A
(un)Smashing the Stack: Overflows, Countermeasures, and the Real World Shawn Moyer N/A
Exploiting Live Virtual Machine Migration Jon Oberheide N/A
Scanning Applications 2.0 - Next Generation Scan, Attacks and Tools Sheeraj Shah N/A
Security Failures in Secure Devices Christopher Tarnovsky N/A
Preparing for the Cross Site Request Forgery Defense Chuck Willis N/A
DTRACE: The Reverse Engineer's Unexpected Swiss Army Knife David Weston , Tiller Beauchamp N/A