BSidesLasVegas 2012 July 25, 2012 to July 26, 2012, Las Vegas,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE: The State of Security BSides Jack Daniel N/A
Exploit Development with Metasploit Rick Flores N/A
Amubush - Catching Intruders At Any Point Matt “scriptjunkie” Weeks N/A
How I Managed to Break Into the InfoSec World With Only a Tweet and an Email Michael Fornal N/A
Arizona Craigslist Hookers Matt "DCFluX" Krick N/A
Max Level Web App Security Robert Rowley N/A
Breaking Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains - An Insider's Guide Ken Westin: When Devices Rat Us Out David Keene N/A
Big Data's Fourth V: Or Why We'll Never Find the Loch Ness Monster Davi Ottenheimer N/A
Lotus Notes Password Hash Redux Ian Vitek: TBA Day of Conference William Ghote N/A
Exploit Development with Metasploit (continued) Rick Flores N/A
Empirical Exploitation Hd Moore N/A
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Smart Meter [Breaking Ground Overflow] Spencer Mcintyre N/A
Why Have We Not Fixed the ID Problem? Dallas N/A
Beyond Social Engineering: Violating Trust Models Through Marketing Aaron Crawford N/A
Puzzle Competitions and You Christopher Lytle N/A
Shot With Your Own Gun - How Appliances Are Used Against You Christoper Campbell N/A
Introducing Android Security Evaluation Framework (ASEF) Parth Patel N/A
Mirror Mirror - Reflected PDF Attacks Using SQL Injection Shawn Asmus , Kristov Widak N/A
Global Loot Hd Moore N/A
RFID LOL Terry Gold N/A
Introducing the Smartphone Penetration Testing Framework [Breaking Ground Overflow] Georgia Weidman N/A
Sexy Defense Ian Amit N/A
Force Multipliers for Red Team Operations Raphael Mudge N/A
Mainframed - The Forgotten Fortress Dos Santos & Montoro: Mobile Snitch - Devices Telling the World About You Phil Young N/A
Penetration Report Writing and Analysis Mike Murray , Joseph Sokoly N/A
Applications and Cloud Hackers, Oh My! Andrew Hay , Matt Johansen N/A
Metrics That Suck Even Less Walt Williams N/A
Reticle: Dropping an Intelligent F-BOMB Brendan O'Connor N/A
The Leverage of Language, or, How I Realized Information Theory Could Save Information Security [Breaking Ground Overflow] Conrad Constantine N/A
The Magic of Symbiotic Security - Creating an EcoSystem of Security Systems Josh Sokol , Dan Cornell N/A
The Blooming Social Media Economics Built on Fake Identites Dave Kennedy: Secret Pentesting Techniques… Shh… … Jason Ding N/A
Occupy Burp Suite - Informing the 99% of What the 1%'ers Are Knowingly Taking Advantage Of James Lester , Joseph Tartaro N/A
Lightning Talks Panel: Ask the EFF Kurt Opsahl , Trevor Timm , Mitch Stoltz , Hanni Fahoury , Marcia Hoffman N/A
Metasploit Georgia Weidman N/A
Stiltwalker - Round 2 Dc949 N/A
Sex and Breaking Bad: F$cking on the Periodic Table Violet Blue N/A
The Badmin Project (Na-na-nanana Na-na-nanana BADMIN) Gillis Jones N/A
Router of Darkness - Techniques for Embedded Systems Hacking David "videoman" Bryan N/A