BSidesLasVegas 2010 July 28, 2010 to July 29, 2010, Las Vegas,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Injecting Simplicity not SQL Avid Rook N/A
Top 10 Things IT is Doing to Enable CyberCrime Daniel j. Molina N/A
Multi-Player MetaSploit Ryan Linn N/A
Through the rabbit hole: An Expose of Darknets and the Onion Routed Underground Will Gragido N/A
Sniper Forensics Christopher E. Pogue N/A
Mobilizing the PCI Resistance: Lessons Learned From Fighting Prior Wars (SOX-404) Gene H. Kim N/A
CCDC Chris Lytle , Leigh Hollowell N/A
Building Bridges - Forcing Hackers and Business to Hug it Out Andrew Hay , Chris Nickerson N/A
Catch That Butterfly: Stopping Mariposa in its Tracks and Revealing a Growing Underground Network of Amateur Hackers Luis Corrons , Sean-paul Correll N/A
ExploitHub: Arming the Pen Testers to Plug the Holes Vik Phatak N/A
SET 0.6 release with special PHUKD Key Dave Kennedy (rel1k) N/A
The Dark side of Twitter, Measuring and Analyzing Malicious Activity on Twitter David Maynor , Paul Judge N/A
Fuck Tools, Do It yourself Jerk Frank^2 N/A
Infosec Communities for Career Success: Understanding, Participating, and Cooking One Up Grecs N/A
Fierce v2 Joshua "jabra" Abraham N/A
Infosec Young and Restless Joseph Sokoly N/A
Stupid IP Tables Tricks Jim Macleod N/A
INFOSEC Mentoring, Mentee-ing Panel Mentee-ing Panel N/A
Mobile Hackery Jimmy Shah N/A
InfoSec Speed Debates Jack Daniel , Hd Moore , Dennis Fisher , Josh Corman N/A
Beyond r57 Egyp7 N/A
Social Network Special Ops Chris Sumner N/A
Fun with VxWorks Hdm N/A
The road to hell is paved with best practices Frank Breedijk , Ian Southam N/A
Keypad Bypass Hacks Davi Ottenheimer N/A
How to Make Network Diagrams that Don't Suck Bruce Potter N/A
It Melts In Your Hand: An Overview of Security (Failures) In Mobile Applications Zach Lanier N/A
Roman Profiles : The 6 Mistakes of Eric Smith N/A
A mechanics view of SQL injection Ray Kelly N/A
Social Engineering the CFP Process Valsmith N/A
How technology killed my heroes, and why they will never be born again Moxie Marlinspike N/A
Planes, Trains and Automobiles: (OK, Cars and Buses) Chris Roberts N/A
Who Owns the Internet? AKA: Where did all that cyberspace go? Jason Ross N/A