CanSecWest 2009 March 16, 2009 to March 20, 2009, Vancouver,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Writing User Friendly Exploits Skylar Rampersaud N/A
The Smart-Phones Nightmare Sergio 'shadown' Alvarez N/A
A Look at a Modern Mobile Security Model: Google's Android Jon Oberheide , University of Michigan N/A
Multiplatform Iphone/Android Shellcode, and other smart phone insecurities Alfredo Ortega , Nico Economou N/A
Decompiling Dalvik and other JavaFX Marc Schöenefeld N/A
An overview of the state of videogame console security. Victor Muñoz N/A
Persistent BIOS Infection Alfredo Ortega , Anibal Sacco N/A
Getting into the SMRAM: SMM Reloaded Loic Duflot N/A
Sniff keystrokes with lasers/voltmeters: Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling of Mechanical Energy Emissions and Power Line Leakage Andrea Barisani , Daniele Bianco N/A
Hacking Macs for Fun and Profit Charlie Miller , Dino Dai Zovi N/A
.NET Rootkits Erez Metula N/A
Bug classes we have found in *BSD, OS X and Solaris kernels Christer Öberg , Neil "mu-b" Kettle N/A
Exploiting Unicode-enabled software Chris Weber N/A
Chinese Infosec & Malware Overview Wei "icbm" Zhao N/A
Platform-independent static binary code analysis using a meta-assembly language Sebastian Porst , Thomas "halvar" Dullien N/A
Binary Clone Wars: Software Whitelisting for Malware Prevention and Coordinated Incident Response. Derek Callaway , Shane "k2" Macaulay , Sean Comeau N/A
Network design for effective HTTP traffic filtering Jeff "rfp" Forristal N/A
The Evolution of Microsoft's Exploit Mitigations Matt Miller , Tim Burrell N/A
Automated Real-time and Post Mortem Security Crash Analysis and Categorization Dave Weinstein , Jason Shirk N/A
On Approaches and Tools for Automated Vulnerability Analysis Abhishek Singh , Tanmay Ganacharya , Nikola Livic , Swapnil Bhalode , Scott Lambert N/A
Ninja Scanning Fyodor N/A
Kicking It Old School: No DNS Packets Were Harmed In The Making Of This Presentation Dan Kaminski N/A