CONfidence 2010 Nov. 29, 2010 to Nov. 30, 2010, Krakow,Poland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Anonymity, Privacy, and Circumvention with Tor in the Real World Jacob Appelbaum N/A
Security Sucks Eddie Schwartz N/A
General notes about exploiting Windows x64 Sebastian Fernandez N/A
PKI is dead, long live PKI Frank Breedijk N/A
Well known vulnerabilities in human brain and behavior – common admin mistakes Wojciech Bojdol N/A
Don’t Touch My Winny Joseph Moti N/A
The Four Horsemen – Malware for mobile Axelle Apvrille N/A
You can’t stop us: latest trends on exploit techniques Alexey Sintsov N/A
Analysis of Software Vulnerabilities Ulascan Aytlolun , Celil ‘karak0rsan’ Ünüver N/A
Mobile attacks and preventions – how security will change the mobile market Tam Hanna N/A
Phishing Tomasz Sawiak N/A
The Presence and Future of Web Attacks Multi-Layer Attacks and XSSQLI Mario Heiderich N/A
Tahoe-LAFS Zooko Wilcox O’hearn N/A
Microsoft Patch Analysis Yaniv Miron N/A
Keynote Dan Kaminsky N/A
The Data Encryption Standard (DES) – How broken is it? David Hulton N/A
Hacking games for fun and profits Patryk Branicki , Michal Wiczynski N/A
Web browser PKI/SSL security policy weaknesses and a potential solution Chris Palmer N/A
De-blackboxing of digital camera Alexey Tikhonow N/A
0-Knowledge fuzzing Vincenzo Iozzo N/A
(Too Much) Access Points – Exploitation Roundup Cristofaro Mune N/A
IPv6 Security Piotr Wojciechowski N/A
Aurora attacks Jesse Burns N/A
We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges: Hacking Electronic Door Access Controllers Shawn Merdinger N/A
Android Reverse Engineering – Workshop Jesse Burns , Chris Palmer N/A
Hacking Cisco Enterprise WLANs Daniel Mende N/A
Case study of recent Windows vulnerabilities Gynvael Coldwind , Mateusz “j00ru” Jurczyk N/A