DeepSec 2008 Nov. 13, 2008 to Nov. 14, 2008, Vienna,Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie , Ivan Krstic N/A
Botnet Monitoring & the DNS Scare of 2008 N/A
LDAP Injection & Blind LDAP Injection Chema Alonso N/A
Into the Eye of the Storm All About the Storm Network Jason Steer N/A
Web Pen Testing Essence Simon Roses Femerling N/A
Exploring Novelty Ways in Building Botnets Daniel Mende , Simon Rich N/A
Security as a Service Achim Reckeweg N/A
Distributed Offensive Computing Yarochkin Fedor N/A
Social Engineering for Penetration Testers Sharon Conheady N/A
DDos Attack on Estonia Jose Nazario N/A
A Web Application Firewall based on Anomaly Detection Stefano Zanero , Claudio Criscione N/A
Behind Enemy Lines Rafael Dominguez Vega N/A
Mach-o reversing and abusing Vincenzo Iozzo N/A
Protocols and Encryption of the Storm Botnet Joe Stewart N/A
Living in the RIA World: Blurring the Line Between Web and Desktop Security Justine Osborne N/A
Night Talk: Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital Armageddon (Morgan Marquis-Boire) Music Player and PC Slayer: Messing Around in Memory with Firewire and an iPOD Peter Panholzer N/A
Low-Tech Hacking Johnny Long N/A
Making Logs Sexy Again: Can We Finally Lose The Regexes? Anton Chuvakin N/A
Timing Attacks... Not just for Crypto. Haroon Meer N/A
The Changing Methods of Malware Defence Greg Day N/A
Predictable RNG in the vulnerable Debian OpenSSL package Maximiliano Bertacchini , Luciano Bello N/A
Development of a Next Generation IDS/IPS Matt Jonkman , Victor Julien N/A
Psychological Aspects of Social Engineering Stefan Schumacher N/A
SWF and the Malware Tragedy Fukami , Ben Fuhrmannek N/A
Reverse Engineering of Database Applications Alexander Kornbrust N/A
Game of Web 2.0 Security - Attacking Next Generation Apps Shreeraj Shah N/A
Hybrid Code Auditing: A Dataflow Source Code Review Methodology Yiannis Pavlosoglou N/A
Windows NTLM SSO Threats Kurt Grutzmacher N/A