DeepSec 2011 Nov. 15, 2011 to Nov. 18, 2011, Vienna,Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome & Introduction -- LOCATION UPDATE: Riding School Deepsec organisation Team N/A
Keynote: How Terrorists Encrypt -- LOCATION UPDATE: Riding School Duncan Campbell N/A
Reassemble or GTFO! - IDS Evasion Strategies Arron "finux" Finnon N/A
The management of IT threats. European Digital agenda's weakness Mario Valori N/A
Intelligent Bluetooth fuzzing - Why bother? Jukka Taimisto , Tommi Mäkilä N/A
Insight Into Russian Black Market Alan Kakareka N/A
Windows Pwn 7 OEM - Owned Every Mobile? Alex Plaskett N/A
On Cyber-Peace: Towards an International Cyber Defense Strategy Stefan Schumacher N/A
SMS Fuzzing - SIM Toolkit Attack Bogdan Alecu N/A
IT Security Compliance Management can be done right (and make sense when done right) Adrian Wiesmann N/A
Extending Scapy by a GSM Air Interface and Validating the Implementation Using Novel Attacks Laurent 'kabel' Weber N/A
Human Factors Engineering for IT Security Peter Wolkerstorfer N/A
Design and Implementation of a Secure Encryption-Layer for Skype Voice-Calls Felix Schuster N/A
Behavioral Security: 10 steps forward 5 steps backward Sourabh Satish N/A
Attack vectors on mobile devices Tam Hanna N/A
FakeAntiVirus - Journey from Trojan to a Persisent Threat Jagadeesh Chandraiah N/A
The security of non-executable files Daniel Pistelli N/A
Armageddon Redux: The Changing Face of the Infocalypse Morgan Marquis-boire N/A
Identity X.0 - Securing the Insecure Khash Kiani N/A
US experience - laws, compliance and real life - when everything seems right but does not work Mikhail a. Utin N/A
Advances in IDS and Suricata Matt Jonkman , Victor Julien N/A
How To Rob An Online Bank And Get Away With It Mitja Kolsek N/A
Ground BeEF: Cutting, devouring and digesting the legs off a browser Michele Orru N/A
Results of a Security Assessment of the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Fernando Gont N/A
Why the software we use is designed to violate our privacy Christopher Soghoian N/A
Your crown jewels online: Further Attacks to SAP Web Applications Mariano Croce N/A
Bond Tech - I Want More Than Movie Props Kizz Myanthia N/A
Do They Deliver - Practical Security and Load Testing of Cloud Service Providers Matthias Luft N/A
An online game trojan framework from China underground market Hermes Li N/A
Rootkits and Trojans on Your SAP Landscape Ertunga Arsal N/A
Malware Trends 2011 - from Cybercrime to nation-sponsored Espionage Toralv Dirro N/A
Patching vehicle insecurity Constantinos Patsakis , Kleanthis Dellios N/A
Solving Social Engineering Attacks Toby Foster N/A