DeepSec 2009 Nov. 19, 2009 to Nov. 20, 2009, Vienna,Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome & Introduction Deepsec organisation Team N/A
Technology won’t save you, only people will Matt Watchinski N/A
Top 10 Security Issues Developers Don't Know About Neelay S. Shah N/A
USB Device Drivers: A Stepping Stone into your Kernel Martin Johns , Moritz Jodeit N/A
Breaking TOR Sessions with HTML5 Marco Bonetti N/A
Ownage 2.0 Saumil Udayan Shah N/A
A Proof-of-Concept Attack on SmartCard-secured Online-Banking Felix Gröbert , Christoph Wegener N/A
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation for Deobfuscation and Unpacking Daniel Marion N/A
Cloud Services - still too cloudy for take off? Kurt Kammerer N/A
Key Management Death Match? Competing KM Standards Technical Deep Dive Marc Massar N/A
Get your head out of the clouds: Security in Software-plus-Services John Walton N/A
Windows Secure Kernel Development Fermin J. Serna N/A
Results of a security assessment of the TCP and IP protocols and common implementation strategies Fernando Gont N/A
eKimono: detecting rootkits inside Virtual Machine Nguyen Anh Quynh N/A
The Kingdom of the Blind: OSX Incident Response Morgan Marquis-boire N/A
Stoned déjà vu - again Peter Kleissner N/A
Night Talk: The Threat Landscape: The Reality vs. The Hype Toralv Dirro N/A
#TwitterRisks: Bot C&C, Data Loss, Intel Collection & More Ben Feinstein N/A
Attacking SMS Luis Miras , Zane Lackey N/A
Weapons of Mass Pwnage: Attacking Deployment Solutions Luke Jennings N/A
Cracking GSM Encryption Karsten Nohl N/A
The Developmental Psychology of Intrusion Detection Systems Stefan Schumacher N/A
Keykeriki - Universal Wireless Keyboard Sniffing For The Masses Max Moser , Thorsten Schröder N/A
Exploiting Printers by Analyzing Their Firmware Daniel Fabian N/A
Hijacking Mobile Data Connections 2.0: Automated and Improved Roberto Piccirillo , Roberto Gassira N/A
What if? Simulation of a large-scale network under attack Alexei Kachalin N/A
Malware for SoHo Routers Naxxatoe N/A
Ksplice: Patch without disruption Nelson Elhage N/A
Malware case study: The ZeuS evolution Vicente Diaz N/A
Building the Next IDS Engine Matt Jonkman N/A
Advanced MySQL Exploitation Muhaimin Dzulfakar N/A
Internet election for the German Bundestag Lutz Donnerhacke N/A
Reversing and Exploiting an Apple Firmware Update K. Chen N/A