DeepSec 2010 Nov. 25, 2010 to Nov. 26, 2010, Vienna,Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome & Introduction Deepsec organisation Team N/A
Stop complaining and solve a security problem instead! Ivan Ristic N/A
Identicate and Authentify: Improving future implementations to address real security challenges Jennifer Jabbusch N/A
Cyber Security in High-Speed Networks Pavel Celeda , Radek Krejci , Jiri Novotny N/A
Log Visualization in the Cloud Raffael Marty N/A
Cyber War on the Horizon? Stefan Schumacher N/A
Malware World 2010 - Beware the Predators Toralv Dirro N/A
Remote Binary Planting – An Overlooked Vulnerability Affair Mitja Kolsek N/A
Cyber[Crime—War] - Connecting the dots Iftach Ian Amit N/A
Targeted DOS Attack and various fun with GSM Um Sylvain Munaut N/A
Developers are from Mars, Compliance Auditors are from Venus Neelay S. Shah , Rudolph Araujo N/A
Mobile VoIP Steganography: From Framework to Implementation Marcus Nutzinger , Rainer Poisel N/A
Mobile privacy: Tor on the iPhone and other unusual devices Marco Bonetti N/A
Cognitive approach for social engineering Mario Andrea Valori N/A
Off-Shore Development and Outsourcing - Information Security in Plato’s Cave Frank Ackermann N/A
Circumventing common Pitfalls when auditing sourcecode for Security vulnerabilities Aljosha Judmaier , David White N/A
Night Talk: Security Awareness Stefan Schumacher N/A
Traffic Direction System and Sourcing challenges Max Goncharov N/A
Application Security and Cloud Computing Lucas Von Stockhausen N/A
Debugging GSM Dieter Spaar , Karsten Nohl N/A
The Future of Social Engineering Sharon Conheady N/A
OsmocomBB: A tool for GSM protocol level security analysis of GSM networks Harald Welte N/A
Recent advances in IPv6 Insecurities Marc Heuse N/A
Malware goes to the Movies Aleksandr Yampolskiy N/A
All your baseband are belong to us Ralf-Philipp Weinmann N/A
Electronic Locks - are really secure?! Deviant Ollam , Babak Javadi N/A
Detection of Hardware Keyloggers Fabian Mihailowitsch N/A
Attacking SAP Users Using sapsploit extended Alexander mikhailovich Polyakov N/A
Payload already inside: data re-use for ROP exploits Thanh Nguyen , Long Le N/A
DYI malware analysis with Minibis Christian Wojner , Aaron Kaplan N/A
Passwords in the wild: What kind of passwords do people use, and how do we crack them? Ron Bowes N/A
Android: Reverse Engineering and Forensics Raphaël Rigo N/A
Tripoux: Reverse Engineering of malware packers for dummies! Joan Calvet N/A