dimva 2011 July 7, 2011 to July 8, 2011, Amsterdam,Netherkands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
"Finding concurrency and memory errors in C++ programs", Manuel Costa Abstract: Concurrent programming errors arise when threads share data incorrectly. Programmers often avoid these errors ...
Protecting against DNS reflection attacks with Bloom filters Sebastiano di Paola , Dario Lombardo N/A
Effective Network Vulnerability Assessment through Model Abstraction Xinming Ou , Su Zhang , John Homer N/A
Decoy Document Deployment for Effective Masquerade Attack Detection Malek ben Salem , Salvatore J. Stolfo N/A
"The Quest for Trusted Computing: Promises, Expectations, Practice, and Challenges", Ahmad-reza Sadeghi Trusted Computing (TC) aims at providing a framework to establish trust among the components of ...
Reverse Social Engineering Attacks in Online Social Networks Calton Pu , Engin Kirda , Davide Balzarotti , Danesh Irani , Marco Balduzzi N/A
Timing attacks on VoIP PIN input (Short Paper) Ge Zhang , Simone Fischer-hübner N/A
"Using Traffic Direction Systems to simplify fraud... and complicate investigations!", Max Goncharov Directing traffic to cash in on referrals is a common and legitimate method of making ...
Biting the hand that serves you: A closer look at client-side Flash proxies for cross-domain requests Martin Johns , Sebastian Lekies N/A
Mitigating Cross-Site Form History Spamming Attacks with Domain-based Ranking Chuan Yue N/A
Escape from Monkey Island: Evading High-Interaction Honeyclients Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Marco Cova , Alexandros Kapravelos N/A
An Assessment of Overt Malicious Activity Manifest in Residential Network Vern Paxson , Anja Feldmann , Robin Sommer , Gregor Maier , Matthias Vallentin N/A
What's Clicking What? Techniques and Innovations of Today's Clickbots Christian Kreibich , Vern Paxson , Chris Grier , Brad Miller , Paul Pearce N/A
MISHIMA: Multilateration of Internet hosts hidden using malicious fast-flux agents (Short Paper) Christopher Kruegel , Giovanni Vigna , Greg Banks , Richard A. Kemmerer , Aristide Fattori N/A
Code Pointer Masking: Hardening Applications against Code Injection Attacks Yves Younan , Frank Piessens , Pieter Philippaerts , Stijn Muylle , Sven Lachmund , Thomas Walter N/A