First 2007 June 17, 2007 to June 22, 2007, Seville,Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote:Prioritising Information Security Toby Haringey Information security is not given a high enough priority by individuals, the corporate sector and ...
Keynote: George Stathakopoulos , Francisco García Morán The speech will present the security strategy of the European Commission in the framework of ...
Keynote: Why was ENISA created? Andrea Pirotti NENISA was conceived in the spring of 2001, at a time when there was only ...
Keynote: Securing the Brave New World Mary Ann Davidson The increasing reliance of organizations on information technology makes IT the backbone for much of ...
Keynote: You Haven't Seen Anything Yet!…… Graham Whitehead The human race has always been fascinated by numbers and computing. Recently I have been ...
Creating and Managing CSIRTs Robin Ruefle , Georgia Killcrece N/A
Creating, Managing and Using a Malware Lab Grant Deffenbaugh , Lisa Sittlerl , Nick Ianelli N/A
Do it yourself: The latest in forensic tools and techniques to examine Microsoft Windows Pär Österberg , Andreas Schuster N/A
System, Network and Security Log Analysis for Incident Response Anton Chuvakin N/A
Understanding & Analyzing Botnets Jeff Nathan , Jose Nazario N/A
A day in the life of a hacker... Things we get up to when nobody is looking, and that keep me awake at night. Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
Botnet: Creation, usage, detection and eradication Jacomo Piccolini , Guilherme Venere , Francisco Monserrat N/A
Espionage – Reality or Myth? A Demonstration of Bugging Equipment Emma Shaw N/A
Forensic Discovery Wietse Z. Venema N/A
I know what you (and your company) did last summer... Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh N/A
Identity theft in the corporate environment – demonstration and hands-on Peter Wood N/A
Insider Threat – The Visual Conviction Raffael Marty N/A
Provider practicalities and paranoia: Modern ISP incident response – the tooling of incident response at a ISP Scott Mcintyre N/A
Tools and techniques to automate the discovery of zero day vulnerabilities Joe Moore , Mark Rowe N/A
UNIX/C Programming traps and pitfalls Wietse Z. Venema N/A
An Internet Threat Evaluation Method based on Access Graph of Malicious Packets Masaki Ishiguro , Hironobu Suzuki N/A
Assessing Incident Severity in a Network and Automatic Defense Mechanisms Klaus-peter Kossakowski , Luis Valencia , Till Dörges N/A
Beyond the CPU: Defeating Hardware Based RAM Acquisition Tools Joanna Rutkowska N/A
Building a scalable, accurate, actionable Incident Response system Ken Baylor N/A
Cyber Fraud Trends and Mitigation Ralph Thomas N/A
Data on Data Breaches: Past, Present, and Future Chris Walsh N/A
Dealing with Unreliable Software: Exile, Jail, and other Sentences Heiko Patzlaff , Bernd Grobauer , Martin Wimmer N/A
Developing a trusted partnership to prepare a framework for the collection of information security data Carsten Casper N/A
Electronic Forensics: a Casefor First responders Henry B. Wolfe N/A
Experiences with Building, Deploying and Running remote-controlled easily installable Network Sensors Bernd Grobauer N/A
Flaws and frauds in the evaluation of IDS/IPS technologies Stefano Zanero N/A
Forensics for Managers – Presenting and understanding forensics from the MBA point of view Ryan Washington N/A
Handling Less-Than-Zero-Day Attack – A Case Study Ma Huijuan N/A
How many RAT's do you know out there? Simon Gunning N/A
How to Join FIRST Damir Rajnovic N/A
Identity Management Systems: the forensic dimension Peter Sommer N/A
Inside the Perimeter: 6 Steps to Improve Your Security Monitoring Martin Nystrom , Chris Fry N/A
Long term instability of high priority incident response – A system dynamics simulation approach Klaus-peter Kossakowski , Johannes Wiik , Jose J. Gonzalez N/A
Malware distribution trough software piracy: a case study Jacomo Piccolini N/A
Managing Privacy in Network Operations: Learning from the Law Andrew Cormack N/A
New Trends and technologies in Identity Theft Christoph Fisher N/A
NUS IT Security Landscape Fong Lian Yong N/A
Our Own Worst Enemies Frank Wintle N/A
Privacy matters in directories Javier Masa , Jose Alfonso Accino , Victoriano Giralt N/A
Provider Practicalities and Paranoia: Modern ISP incident response Scott Mcintyre N/A
Reviewing the VoIP Threat Landscape Peter Cox N/A
SafeSOA: Managing Privacy & Risk In The Global Service Oriented Environment Hart Rossman N/A
Security Risk Management: breaking through technology and market barriers – a real life story Avi Corfas N/A
Setting up a governmental CERT: The CCN-CERT case study Carlos Abad N/A
Setting up a Grid-CERT – Experiences of an academic CSIRT Klaus Möeller N/A
Taming Packets: The Network Expect Framework for Building Network Tools Eloy Paris N/A
Targeted attacks (spear phishing): A demonstration and analysis of a former Office 0-day vulnerability Robert Hensing N/A
Technical Evolution of Cybercrime Rolf Schulz N/A
The Art of RFID Exploitation Melanie Rieback N/A
The Benefits of FIRST: How to sell FIRST to your Upper Management Ray Stanton N/A
The Evolution of Online Fraud David Barroso N/A
The Security needs of the State versus the rights of the individual Bob Ayers N/A
Tunisia's experience in establishing the first public CSIRT in Africa, as a case example for developing countries, and some guidelines and schemes for International cooperation Nabil Sahli N/A
Unique Challanges for Incident Response in a Grid Environment Aashish Sharma , James J. Barlow N/A
Using instrumented browser instances for detecting 0-day exploits and filtering web traffic Heiko Patzlaff N/A
Using Intelligence to Forecast Risk and Allocate Resources: It's Not Hocus-Pocus Anymore Peter G. Allor N/A
Vulnerability Remediation Decision Assistance system Yurie Ito , Art Manion , Hal Burch N/A
What We Learn From Cyber Exercises, or Not James N. Duncan N/A
Why Protection against Viruses, Bots, and Worms is so hard – Malware seen as Mobile Agents Till Dörges N/A
WiMAX: Security Analysis and Experience Return Laurent Butti N/A
Abuse Handling Martijn Heide N/A
Artifact Analysis (AA-SIG) Kevin Houle N/A
Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS-SIG) Gavin Reid N/A
CSIRT Metrics Georgia Killcrece N/A
First Team Members Update Panel Francisco. Monserrat N/A
Internet Infrastructure Vendors (Vendor SIG) Gaus N/A
IT-ISAC Tech SIG Peter G. Allor N/A
Law Enforcement / CSIRT Cooperation SIG Yurie Ito , Chris Painter , Matthew Pemble N/A