First 2008 June 22, 2008 to June 27, 2008, Vancouver,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Enabling End-to-End Trust Scott Charney N/A
Insecurity J. D. Frazer N/A
Internet Law Update 2008 William Cook N/A
The Dark Future of Desktop Security and How to Stop It Ivan Krstic N/A
The Enterprise’s Role in Protecting Critical Infrastructures John N. Stewart N/A
Closing Remarks Derrick Scholl N/A
Opening Remarks Derrick Scholl N/A
Creating and Managing Computer Security Incident Response Teams(CSIRTs) Robin Ruefle , Georgia Killcrece , Mark Zajicek N/A
System, Network and Security Log Analysis for Incident Response Anton Chuvakin N/A
Techies Can Communicate Too ! Don Stikvoort , David Pybus N/A
The life cycle of infections and a botnet Richard Perlotto N/A
About the Security Pros and Cons of Server Virtualization Martin Wimmer N/A
Applied Security Visualization Raffael Marty N/A
Beyond a sensor: Towards the Globalization of SURFids Wim Biemolt N/A
Bot Herder Case Studies Richard Perlotto N/A
Building a no frills malware lab: How to construct a relatively inexpensive, yet effective, malware analysis lab for CIRTs Andre Cormier , Robert Pitcher N/A
Detecting Intrusions - The latest forensics tools and techniques to identify Windows malware infections Pär Österberg Medina N/A
Event Correlation for Early Warning Systems Till Dörges N/A
Identifying network scanning tools Kenneth van Wyk , Robert Floodeen N/A
Incident Handling around the world in 80 ms. (Well not really that fast) Greg Bassett , Steve Mancini N/A
Inside a BBB Malware Scheme - Mapping and Dissecting Attacker Infrastructure Michael La Pilla N/A
Malcode Analysis Techniques for Incident Handlers Russ Mcree N/A
Phishing without URL, when miscreants go malware Jacomo Piccolini , Atanai Sousa Ticianelli N/A
Practical RFID hacking without soldering irons (or Patent Attorneys) Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
Responding to Security Incidents: Are Security Tools Everything You Need? Rodrigo Werlinger N/A
Security Testing: Moving Beyond the Penetration Test Kenneth van Wyk N/A
Tales from the dark. Diary of a compromised Windows Vista Ivo Carvalho Peixinho , Jacomo Piccolini N/A
The future of hacking: Blended attacks using social engineering Peter Wood N/A
The Most Important Thing: How Mozilla Does Security and What You Can Steal Johnathan Nightingale N/A
Tracking and Detecting Trojan Command and Control Servers Ryan Olson N/A
Trends in the Internet Underground / Cyber Kadogos Christopher Abad N/A
Virtualization Technology A Manifold Arms Race Michael H. Warfield N/A
A Collaborative Approach to Anti-Spam Chia-mei Chen N/A
Automating Vulnerability Management in a Heterogeneous Enterprise Jeff Boerio N/A
Barriers to CSIRTS cooperation with other CSIRTS and The CLOSER Project Miroslaw Maj , Krzysztof Silicki , Emin Akhundov N/A
CERTification: Assessing CSIRT Maturity Don Stikvoort , Klaus-peter Kossakowski N/A
Computer Forensics for Managers and IT Administrators What you need to know Chris Van Breda N/A
Cyber Fraud Trends Ralph Thomas N/A
Efforts to Secure Electronic Financial Transactions Jinwook Choi N/A
Emerging Economies: The Vulnerability Market Terri Forslof N/A
FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) - What About Security Franck Veysset N/A
GridCERT Services - Modification of traditional and additional new CERT Services for Grids Antonio Liu N/A
Has Pakistan stolen your traffic lately? – Threats to Internet Routing and Global Connectivity Earl Zmijewski N/A
Incident Management Mission Diagnostic(IMMD) Method Robin Ruefle , Georgia Killcrece , Mark Zajicek N/A
Industry Briefing – An Exercise in Vendor Coordination Peter G. Allor N/A
Intellectual Property Loss in the Global Marketplace Christopher Burgess N/A
International Privacy & Security Compliance — Navigating the Maze Steven Ringelberg N/A
Malicious Websites on the Chinese Web: Overview and Case Study Minghua Wang N/A
Malware Without Borders - Multi-Party Response Ziv Mador , Jeff Williams N/A
Managing Security & Privacy Incidents in the Health Care Environment Bobby Singh N/A
Matrix, a Distributed Honeynet and its Applications Yonglin Zhou N/A
Models and Experiences for National and International Information Sharing Andrea Rigoni N/A
National spam monitoring network Juan Díez González , Luis Fernández N/A
Public and Private Collaboration for Improved National Cyber Security Peter G. Allor N/A
Push-Email in the Enterprise. Is it BlackBerry, WindowsMobile or Symbian? Heiko Patzlaff N/A
Putting private and government CERT’s to the test Stephen Frei N/A
Safely Sharing Data Between CSIRTs for Collaborative Security: The SCRUB* Anonymization Tool Infrastructure William Yurcik N/A
Safety and Security of Networked LANs in Aircraft Eric Fleischman N/A
SCADA Security – Who Is Really In Control of Our Control Systems? Peter G. Allor N/A
Securing Wiki-Style Technology in the Global Enterprise: The Competing Tensions of Privacy Law and Distributed Collaboration Steven Michalove , Thomas Daemen N/A
Security and Education – Bringing it all Together Frank Wintle N/A
Security Breaches: To Disclose or not to Disclose Gib Sorebo N/A
Semantic Potential of Existing Security Advisory Standards Stefan Fenz N/A
Spotspam - Tackling Spam at New Frontiers Przemyslaw Jaroszewski N/A
The Easiest Score on the Internet - PII and corporate secrets for the taking on P2P file sharing networks. Chris Gormley N/A
The HoneySpider Network: Fighting client-side threats Piotr Kijewski , Rogier J.l. Spoor , Carol Overes N/A
The State of Internet Phishing and Fraud and Useful Means to Combat It Foy Shiver N/A
Tunisia’s experience in building an information sharing and analysis center Haythem el Mir N/A
Who’s watching the watch dogs? Security Audits for network infrastructure security enforcement devices Kowsik Guruswamy N/A
Abuse Handling SIG Martijn Heide N/A
CSIRT Metrics SIG Georgia Killcrece N/A
CVSS SIG Gavin Reid N/A
FIRST Law Enforcement/CSIRT Cooperation SIG (LECC-SIG) – Related G8: HI-Tech Crimes Workshop Yurie Ito N/A
Network Monitoring SIG - Large-scale Monitoring of Fast-Flux Service Networks Carol Overes N/A
Network Monitoring SIG - Monitoring and Detection of Fast-Flux Service Networks Carol Overes N/A