First 2002 June 24, 2002 to June 28, 2002, Waikoala Village,Hawaii

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Tutorial:Forensic Discovery Dan Farmer , Wietse Venema N/A
Tutorial:An Investigator's Guide to File System Internals Brian Carrier N/A
Tutorial:Intrusion Detection Utilizing Ethereal David Chaboya N/A
Tutorial:CSIRT Training: Legal Issues Andrew Cormack , Jacques Schuurman N/A
Tutorial:Security at the Speed of E-business: Protecting Web Applications Rudy Bakalov N/A
Tutorial:Forensics for Windows XP Clients Larry Leibrock N/A
Tutorial:The Role of Computer Forensics in the Investigation of Network Intrusion Activity Gregory P. Schaffer N/A
Welcome and Opening Remarks Wietse Venema N/A
Keynote:Securing America's Communication Infrastructure Marcus H. Sachs N/A
Design, Processing and Implementation of a Network Security Policy Christoph Kroell N/A
Standardization of Computer Forensic Protocols and Procedures Marcelo Reis , Paulo Geus N/A
pdd: Memory Imaging and Forensic Analysis of Palm OS Devices Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A
NASIRC Bulletin Processing and PKI Thomas Baxter N/A
Panel: Ask the Experts Roger Safian , Kohala Promenade N/A
UDP Scanning John Kristoff N/A
Privacy Breach - Incident Response Challenges for the Next Decade Lance Hayden , Vincent Miraglia N/A
Adaptive Rule Estimation (ARE) Algorithm Against Eluding NIDS Chaeho Lim , Byeong-cheol Choi , Dong-il Seo , Sung-won Sohn , Sang-ho Lee N/A
Keynote:The Techie in the Boardroom: Leveraging Technical Ability to Become a Corporate Leader David Bauer N/A
Movie:Handling Incident - Case study: Multimedia Presentation Miroslaw Maj , Krzysztof Silicki N/A
A Progress Report on the CVE Initiative Steven M. Christey , Robert Martin N/A
Cassandra Eugene Spafford , Pascal Meunier N/A
Identification of Security Holes in Router Configurations Denis Valois , Cedric Llorens N/A
The SYNDEF: A Method for Defeating DoS/DDoS SYN Flooding Attack Noureldien Abdelrhman Noureldien , Izzeldin M. Osman N/A
Keynote:Toward the Future: The Need for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney N/A
A Snapshot of Global Internet Worm Activity Dug Song , Robert Stone , Rob Malan N/A
Analysis of DoS attack traffic data Jun (Jim) Xu , Markus Haas , Minho Sung N/A
Keynote:Recent Crypto Attacks and a New Approach to PKI Dan Boneh N/A
Teams Update Klaus-peter Kossakowski N/A