First 2000 June 25, 2000 to June 30, 2000, Chicago,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Intrusion Detection and Network Forensic Marcus J. Ranum N/A
Firewalls: What am I seeing? Toledo Room Robert Graham N/A
Incident Response -- A Practical Primer on Preparation and Resolution George Kurtz , Chris Prosise N/A
Innovation and Legal Acceptability in Computer Forensic Peter Sommer N/A
Internet Cryptography Bruce Schneier N/A
Keynote:Security Realities in the Age of E-Commerce Bruce Schneier N/A
Intrusion Detection Technology: Today and Tomorrow Paul Ramstedt N/A
Interpreting Network Traffic: A Network Intrusion Detector's Look Richard Bejtlich N/A
Intrusion Detection in WNT Ian Cook N/A
Using a Protocol Tunnel to Defeat a Firewall Jake Hill N/A
Panel Discussion:Ask the Experts Roger Safian N/A
Protection Against Hostile Executables Ron Moritz N/A
Learning the Tools and the Tactics of the Enemy with Honeynets Lance Spitzner N/A
Retaliation Against Information Attack: Attitudes and Practices of Australian Information Systems Managers Matthew Warren N/A
Keynote Welcome to the Golden Age of Information Security Joseph D'angelo N/A
Ccert in Progress Qianli Zhang N/A
Incident Response Tools Ken Van Wyk N/A
Keynote Sovereignty in a Borderless Internet Scott Charney N/A
Secure Extranets: Principles and Lessons Learned Mark Fischer N/A
Common Information Assurance Model Katarina Auer N/A
Operational vs. Non-operational Network Vulnerability Assessment Lance Hayden N/A