First 2005 June 26, 2005 to June 1, 2005, Shangri-La,Singapore

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Program Committee Meeting - Yurie Ito , Mark Mcpherson N/A
TeadDefend-Organizational and Interorganizational Cyber Defense Training Hart Rossman , Scott Kennedy N/A
USA Creating & Managing Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) David Mundie , Robin Ruefle , Audrey Dorofee N/A
Artifact Analysis Kevin Houle N/A
Building a Logging Infrastructure Abe Singer N/A
USA Crisis Communication and Media Management in Security Incident Response Marie-dominique Bonardi N/A
Computer Forensics as Part of a Security Incident Response Raemarie Schmidt N/A
USA Security Intelligence and the Business Process Peter Allor N/A
Wireless Security Michael Warfield N/A
Pre AGM Discussions Klaus-peter Kossakowski N/A
Welcome and Opening Speech Klaus-peter Kossakowski N/A
Keynote Address Suguru Yamaguchi , Lee Boon Yang N/A
Security Challenges on the Road Ahead Tim Mather N/A
Pondering and Patrolling Network Perimeters Bill Cheswick N/A
Passive DNS Replication Florian Weimer N/A
Mitigating Rogue Access Points in Corporate Environments Laurent Butti N/A
France Dynamics of CSIRT Management Klaus-peter Kossakowski , Johannes Wiik N/A
Proposal of the Experimental Environment for Network Worm Infection Masato Terada N/A
Framework for CERTs Thomas Klingmüller N/A
Spyware Aaron T. Hackworth N/A
USA Security Bulletin Publication at AusCERT using "EzESB" Matthew Braid , Robert Lowe N/A
Network Monitoring on Large Networks Yao Chuan Han N/A
EWIS in a BOX -or- How to build a national early warning information system in 80 days! Klaus-peter Kossakowski N/A
A Distributed Intrusion Alert System Chih-yao Lin N/A
CVE,CME, ... CMSI? Standardizing System Information Bernd Grobauer N/A
A National Early Warning Capability Based on a Network of Distributed Honeypots -- Detailed Synthesis Cristine Hoepers N/A
Brazil Vulnerabilities in Consumer Electrics -- DVD Players, Cell Phones Attack Your System? Keisuke Kamata , Masaki Kubo N/A
Defining the Rules for Trusted Computing: The Global Action Agenda Jeffrey B. Ritter N/A
Sharing Incident Data: History, Perspective and a View for the Future Patrick Cain N/A
How to Reduce Incidents by Employing Pro-Active Preventions Howard Schmidt N/A
Trends in malware enabled fraud Matthew Mcglashan , Rob Lowe N/A
Neighbourhood Watch - Centralised and Automated Pen-Testing Till Dörges N/A
A Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) Art Manion N/A
USA Strategies for Achieving Network Intelligence Adam D'amico N/A
Key Strategies for defeating Crime Online John Lyons N/A
How Critical Shifts in Vulnerability Research will affect our Community Greg Shipley N/A
Getting ahead: Integrating Development and Response for Improved Security Steven B. Lipner N/A
IEE 802.16 WiMAX Security Kitti Wongthavarawat N/A
Fighting Phishing Sites at the Front Line --- CNCERT/CC 2004 Anti Phishing Activities Review Larry Yang Liu N/A
New Security Features in Solaris 10 and dtrace B.n. Chandan N/A
USA Bridging the Gap between Incident Handling and Software Security Kenneth van Wyk N/A
Risk Triage and Prototyping in Information Security Engagements Catherine blackadar Nelson , Rakesh Bharania N/A