HackerHalted 2009 Sept. 20, 2009 to Sept. 25, 2009, Atlanta,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
TBA David Litchfield , Pamela Fusco , Ira Winkler , Trey Ford , Jeff Bardin , Tim Pierson , Howard Schmidt , Haja Mohideen , Erik Laykin , Edward Haletky , James Aquilina , Herbert H. Thompson N/A
A Brief History of Hacking G. Mark Hardy N/A
Faster, Massive,Immersive Security in the Age of Social Technology Greg Hoglund N/A
Overcoming the Limitations in Network Security Monitoring Ron Gula N/A
Computer Network Simulators: Advanced Cyberspace Protection Chet Ratcliffe N/A
Next Generation Fuzzing- The Fun of Destructive Software Testing Ari Takanen N/A
Utilizing Social Networking Techniques ( with a hacker's twist) to influence the eloctoral process. Peter Berghammer N/A
Sponsored Links Jacking Attacks Yaniv Miron N/A
Down the Rabbit Hole - Uncovering a Criminal Server Iftach Ian Amit N/A
Jihad Me This Jeff Bardin N/A
Malware: The Evolving Threat Michael Gregg N/A
Security 3.0 : The unparalleled Value Data in the Database Eric T. Gonzales N/A
Cyber Warefare Awarness By CWFI Paul De Souza N/A
Pen Testing as Critical Element of Security Testing Lifestyle Alex Horan N/A
Factoring Criminal Malware into Web Application Design Gunter Ollmann N/A
Is Virtualization Secure? Planning for Secure Deployment of Virtualization Hemma Prafullchandra N/A
Server Side Polymorphism & The Changing Face of Malware Mark Harris N/A
The State of The Hack, Find Evil; Solve Crime Michael Malin N/A
Silver Lining, Dark Cloud. What You Should Know About Security in the Cloud Michael Scheidell N/A
Examination of Evolving Threats Paul a. Henry N/A
The Limits of Perspective and Cloaked Vulnerabilities Arshan Dabirsiaghi N/A
VolP Security: Identifying & Quantifying the Threats Peter Cox N/A
Taking Virtual Worlds Seriously: Implications to the Intelligence and Law enforcement communities Richard Howard N/A
Spear Phishing : A report from the trenches Rohyt Belani N/A
SmartPhone Hacks and Attacks: A Demonstration of Current Threats to Mobile Devices Dan Hoffman N/A
Security Information Event Manager(SIEM) Against Cybercrime Eric Knight N/A
Insights to Advanced SQL Injection Joseph Mccray N/A
Pwning People - Exploiting users through Technology Mike Murray N/A
Grounding Security & Compliance Where The Data Lives Robert Barnes N/A
Rooting Out The Bad Actors Alex Lanstein N/A
PCI DSS: Gotchas & How to Improve on DSS Ariel Silverstone N/A
The Marauder Xinwen Fu N/A
Best Practices in Secure Coding Brian Caswell N/A
Road To FISMA Compliance Kellep Charles N/A
Walking through a city made of glass with a bag full of rocks.(Dispelling the myths and discussing the facts of Global Cyber Jayson E Street N/A
So long and thanks for all the clock cycles Cris Neckar , Gregory Ose N/A
Physical Security in the Workplace Doug Ferre , Mitch Capper N/A