HackingAtRandom 2009 Aug. 13, 2009 to Aug. 16, 2009, Vierthouten,Netherlands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
(Un)limited design Adrian Bowyer , Neil Gershenfeld , Ronen Kadushin N/A
Closing Ceremony Aldert Hazenberg N/A
TEMPEST for the casual election hacker Andreas Bogk N/A
The Censoring Mob Annalee Newitz N/A
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Ante Wessels N/A
Futureshock, don't panic! Arjen Kamphuis N/A
Panel discussion with Brein and HAR Arjen Kamphuis , Tim Kuik , Walter Van Holst N/A
Policy hacking Arjen Kamphuis N/A
My BREIN hurts! Arnoud Engelfriet N/A
Government and trust Arnout Ponsioen N/A
Hackerspaces Everywhere Astera N/A
Lockpicking Barry Wels , Han Fey N/A
First woman on native IPv6, and other tales Becha N/A
Exploiting Native Client Ben Hawkes N/A
DNS Security In The Broadest Sense Bert Hubert N/A
Runtime Kernel Patching on Mac OS X Bosse Eriksson N/A
Securing networks from an ISP perspective Bradley Freeman N/A
SmallSister or how to defeat data retention Brenno De Winter N/A
WokTheWob: FOIA for open source Brenno De Winter N/A
OpenSolaris Workshop Brian Leonard N/A
The ZeuS evolution Clemens Kurtenbach N/A
All Your Packets Are Belong to Us Daniel Mende , Simon Rich N/A
Wikileaks Daniel Schmitt N/A
x509 is considered harmful Dan Kaminsky N/A
Organising a Con David Dolphin N/A
Becoming government 2.0 Davied Van Berlo N/A
Flipping the Phishing Con Game - Design and Implementation of FishPhucker Dominik Birk N/A
Lightning talks Friday Sebastien Bourdeauducq , Don Hopkins , Hoppel , Jbe , Melvin Rook , Rene "cavac" Schickbauer , Tille N/A
Java Card Eduard Jong N/A
Lightning talks Saturday Rene "cavac" Schickbauer , Elger 'stitch' Jonker , Esther Weltevrede , Harmen Ruiter , Kristian Mueller , Menneau , Ruediger Weis N/A
The Super Awesome Cartoon Quizz 2009 Elger 'stitch' Jonker N/A
HAR Network Overview & BlinkenArea movie contest results Elisa Jasinska , Stephan 'ST' Kambor , Leon Weber N/A
MultiVerse workshop Melvin Rook , Gabriel Konat N/A
Programming the cloud Geerd-dietger Hoffmann N/A
An empirical study of division of labour in free software development George N. Dafermos N/A
The Embedded JTAG interface HOWTO Gerrit Bij N/A
Sniffing cable modems Guy Martin N/A
Capture the flag Hans-christian Esperer , Mc.fly N/A
Airprobe Harald Welte N/A
OpenBSC Harald Welte N/A
Anonymous Vs. Scientology Henk De Vries N/A
Breaking Hitag2 Henryk Plötz , Karsten Nohl N/A
Distributed social networking Henry Story N/A
FOAF+SSL: RESTful authentication for the Social Web Henry Story N/A
Unusual lock picking Ray , Mh , Iggy N/A
How we eavesdropped 100% of a quantum cryptographic key Ilja Gerhardt , Vadim Makarov N/A
WebAppInSec : 101 threats Jacco Van Tuijl N/A
Your Mind: Legal Status, Rights and Securing Yourself James "Myrcurial" Arlen , Tiffany Strauchs Rad N/A
Side channel analysis and fault injection Jasper van Woudenberg N/A
Remote Barcode Injection Jbe N/A
Electrical enginering with free/libre open source software Jelle De Jong N/A
Our dutch road to government transparency Jelle De Jong N/A
Hack the law! Jérémie Zimmermann N/A
Developing embedded devices using opensource tools: application to handheld game consoles Jmfriedt N/A
Side channel analysis on embedded systems Job de Haas N/A
Search engines and censorship Joris Van Hoboken N/A
Wikileaks -- followup Julian Assange N/A
Beautifulism & [de]light Stephan 'ST' Kambor , Juliane Pilster N/A
BlinkenArea - Movie Contest Juliane Pilster , Stephan 'ST' Kambor N/A
Cracking A5 GSM encryption Karsten Nohl N/A
Deep Silicon Analysis Karsten Nohl N/A
Opening ceremony Koen Martens N/A
Eyeborg project Kosta Grammatis N/A
The power of decentralization Laurent De Wolf , Vincent Guffens N/A
Design and Build a 2 MeV Cyclotron Leslie Dewan N/A
RFID sniffer workshop Marc Boon N/A
Native IPv6 deployment at XS4ALL Marco Hogewoning N/A
The dangers (and merits) of carrier grade nat Marco Hogewoning N/A
Hacking the Future of Science Michael Nielsen N/A
Privacy & Stylometry: Practical Attacks Against Authorship Attribution Techniques Mike Brennan N/A
Rootkits are awesome Mike Kemp N/A
Advanced MySQL Exploitation Muhaimin Dzulfakar N/A
How we break into domains Niels Teusink N/A
Countering behavior based malware analysis Nomenumbra N/A
Bits of Freedom online freedom activism workshop Ot Van Daalen N/A
Bits of Freedom privacy activism workshop Ot Van Daalen N/A
Relaunch Bits of Freedom Ot Van Daalen N/A
Life or Death Cryptology: it is not about the encryption algorithm Paul Bakker N/A
Public transport SMS ticket hacking Pavol Luptak N/A
A workshop on the ethics of piracy Peter Eckersley N/A
Surveillance Self-Defense Peter Eckersley N/A
The Complex Ethics of Piracy Peter Eckersley N/A
Stoned Bootkit Peter Kleissner N/A
coreboot Peter Stuge N/A
Protheses for $50 instead of $250.000 Peter Troxler N/A
A hackers guide to surviving in the corporate world Peter Van Eijk N/A
How to reverse engineer backdoor algoritms hidden in firmware. Psy N/A
Hacker Jeopardy Ray , Sec N/A
BlinkenSisters Jump'n'Run Rene "cavac" Schickbauer N/A
Statistics and the Law Richard Gill N/A
Cracking Internet Rick Van Rein N/A
Hacking with Plants Rick Van Rein N/A
Hacking Mona Lisa Robert Casties N/A
Classic Mistakes Roel Verdult N/A
Why Tor is slow Roger Dingledine N/A
Open Blueprints Ronen Kadushin N/A
Analog circuit design Rüdiger Ranft N/A
MinixWall Ruediger Weis N/A
Teh Internetz are pwned Scott Mcintyre N/A
Realizing the RFID Guardian Serge Keyser N/A
How to use quantum cryptography for secure identification Stephanie Wehner N/A
When nerds dream big Tijmen Schep N/A
OpenBeer Workshop Tille N/A
View from the orbit Tomasz Rybak N/A
The IBM AS/400 Tom Van Looy N/A
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors Travis Goodspeed N/A
PGP and CAcert key signing party Udo N/A
Foundry CAM hacking Vincent Bourgonjen N/A
Identity processes Winfried Tilanus N/A