HITBAmsterdam 2011 May 19, 2011 to May 20, 2011, Amsterdam,Netherkands

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE: Security Innovation on a Global Platform Joe Sullivan N/A
Hack42 - Building the Hackerspace Elger ‘s1tch’ Jonker N/A
Beyond Botnets: Dissecting the Ecosystem Michael Sandee N/A
iNception - PlanAng and Extracting Sensitive Data From Your iPhone’s Subconscious Laurent Oudot N/A
Binary PlanAng: First Overlooked, Then Downplayed, Now Ignored Mitja Kolsek N/A
I’m Going HunAng. I’m The Hunter. Don a. Bailey N/A
MetaXSSploit: Bringing XSS to Pentesting Claudio Criscione N/A
Popping Shell on A(ndroid)RM Devices Itzak ‘zuk’ Avraham N/A
WebShells: A Framework for Peneteration Testing Joffrey Czarny , Elena Kropochkina N/A
Netglub: Really Open Source Information Gathering Guillaume Prigent N/A
HITB LAB - Malicious PDF Analysis Didier Stevens N/A
Your Crown Jewels Online: Atacks Against SAP Web Applications Mariano Croce N/A
Howard: Excavating Data Structures from Stripped Binaries Asia Slowinska N/A
Seccubus: Vuln Scanning Doesn’t Have to be a Time Drain Frank Breedijk N/A
Antid0te 2.0 - ASLR in iOS Stefan Esser N/A
Silverlight: A Way to Surf .NET Holes Thomas Caplin N/A
She’s Got a Ticket to Ride: Fake MIFARE Tickets Epto N/A
OPENLEAKS EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Domscheitgberg N/A
Secure Your Software Using OWASP Martin Knobloch N/A
Real-Life Study of What Really Breaks SSL Ivan Ristic N/A
Credit Card Skimming and Pin Harvesting in an EMV World Daniele Bianco , Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie N/A
Building a Promiscuous nRF24L01+ Packet Sniffer Travis Goodspeed N/A
Let Me StuxNet You Itzik Kotler N/A
Hacking a Bird in The Sky - The Revenge of Angry Birds Jim Geovedi , Raditya Iryandi N/A
Spying on SpyEye - What Lies Beneath? Aditya K. Sood N/A
The Ghost of XSS Past, Present - Future A Defensive Tale Jim Manico N/A
SQL Injection with ABAP - Ascending From Open SQL Injection to ADBC Injection Andreas Wiegenstein N/A
iPhone Data Protection in-Depth Jean Bap1se Bédrune , Jean Sigwald N/A
Attacking Critical Infrastructure Behind The Scenes Maarten Oosterink N/A
Next Generation Web Aaacks: HTML 5, DOM(L3) and XHR(L2) Shreeraj Shah N/A
Attacking 3G and 4G Telecommunication Networks Enno Rey , Daniel Mende N/A
DNSSEC - The Good and The Very Bad Bert Hubert N/A
How OWASP Helps You to Tell the Story Martin Knobloch N/A
Gone in 60 Minutes - Stealing Sensitive Data from Thousands of Systems Simultaneously Andrew Gavin N/A
CookieJacking Rosario Valola N/A