HITBDubai 2007 April 4, 2007 to April 4, 2007, Dubai,UAE

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Mohamed Ghanim N/A
Keynote Address 1: Online Crime and Crime Online Mikko Hypponen N/A
Global SOCs Ivor Rankin N/A
Digging into SNMP 2007 - An Excercise on Breaking Networks Enno Rey N/A
Robbing Banks: Easier Done Than Said Fabrice Marie N/A
Open Source Open Security Window Snyder N/A
Vboot Kit: Compromising Windows Vista Security Vipin Kumar , Nitin Kumar N/A
Securing Your Mobile Data Ahmad Elkhatib N/A
Ravage Unleashed: The Tactical VoIP Toolkit The Grugq N/A
Opened in Ten Seconds: The Insecurity of Mechanical Locks Marc Weber Tobias N/A
Keynote Address 2: Honeypots: Today and Tomorrow Lance Spitzner N/A
Cryptographic Applications in the 21st Century Dino Covotsos N/A
Spam goes VOIP – Number Harvesting for Fun and Profit Hendrik Scholz N/A
NGN Security - Next Generation Nightmare Emmanuel Gadaix N/A
A Middle Eastern Perspective of the Malware Landscape Tareq Saade N/A
Kernel Hacking: If I Really Know I Can Hack Rodrigo Rubira Branco N/A
Telecom Fraud David Michaux N/A
X.25 Networks in the Arab World Raoul "Nobody" Chiesa N/A