HITBDubai 2009 April 22, 2009 to April 22, 2009, Dubai,UAE

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address H.e. Al-ghanim N/A
Keynote Address 1: From Hacking, Startups to HackLabs: Global Perspective and New Fields Philippe Langlois N/A
Psychotronica: Exposure, Control, and Deceit Nitesh Dhanjani N/A
Biting the Hand that Feeds You (Reloaded) Billy Rios N/A
Modern Threats and Cyberwar - Lessons Learned? Maybe Not Roberto Preatoni N/A
Application Defense Tactics & Strategies - WAF at the Gateway Shreeraj Shah N/A
So You Want to Analyze Malware? Wes Brown N/A
Conficker In The GCC Lance Spitzner N/A
NKill - The Internet Killboard Anthony Zboralski N/A
Protecting Airports and Other High Security Facilities: Security Considerations Marc Weber Tobias N/A
Keynote Address 2: Security Cogs and Levers Mark Curphey N/A
The Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language REIL and its Applications Sebastian Porst N/A
Telecom Infrastructure Security: the SS7 protocols Philippe Langlois , Emmanuel Gadaix N/A
Pickpocketing mWallets: A Guide to Looting Mobile Financial Services The Grugq N/A
VBootKit 2.0 - Attacking Windows 7 via Boot Sectors Vipin Kumar , Nitin Kumar N/A
Advanced Payload Strategies: What's New, What Works and What Doesn't Rodrigo Rubira Branco N/A
Cross Domain Leakiness: Divulging Sensitive Information and Attacking SSL Sessions Billy Rios , Chris Evans N/A
Filesystem Forensics: Are You Pwned? Steve Anson N/A