HITBDubai 2010 April 19, 2010 to April 22, 2010, Dubai,UAE

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address Mohammed Nasser Al-ghanim N/A
Keynote 1 A/V Vendors arent as dumb as they look John Viega N/A
Attacking Cisco WLAN Solutions Daniel Mende , Oliver Roeschke N/A
Silent Steps: Improving the stealhiness of web hacking Laurent Oudot N/A
We dont need no stinkin badges:hacking electronic door access controllers Shawn Merdringer N/A
hiding a giant:analysis of a next generation botnet Dino Covotsos N/A
Base jumping: Attacking GSM base stations and mobile phone basebands The Grugq N/A
keynote 2-Near real time detection Lurene ( pusscat ) Grenier N/A
SAP penetration testing with Bizsploit Mariano Croce N/A
Deception 2.0: Gathering and exploiting information Fredric Raynal , Christophe Devaux , Alexander Mascret N/A
Open seasame : Examining android code with undx2 Marc Schöenefeld N/A
web security - going nowhere? Saumil Udayan Shah N/A