Recon 2011 July 8, 2011 to July 10, 2011, Montreal,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
"Shatter"ing the Windows Message Passing Architecture and Security Model Alex Ionescu N/A
Designing a minimal operating system to emulate 32/64bits x86 code snippets, shellcode or malware in Bochs Elias Bachaalany N/A
Checkpoint-Restart: Proprietary Hardware and the "Spiderweb API" Gregory Kerr N/A
Decompiling kernel drivers and IDA plugins Bruce Dang , Rolf Rolles , Tavis Ormandy N/A
"egg" - A Stealth fine grained code analyzer Satoshi Tanda N/A
Virtdbg-Remote kernel debugging using hardware virtualisation features Damien Aumaitre N/A
Abusing Hardware Defined Radios Travis Goodspeed N/A
The Importance of Making a Good Impression-The Art of Lock Impressioning Deviant Ollam , Babak Javadi N/A
Reversing software compressions: Tale of dragons and men who slay them Tomislav Pericin N/A
Sticky Fingers & KBC Custom Shop-Fun at low-level Alexandre Gazet N/A
RFID Hacking Milosch Meriac N/A
Practical C++ decompilation Igor Skochinsky N/A
Hacking Microsoft RDP for Fun and Profit-Post-exploitation the easy way Alisa Esage N/A
How to develop a rootkit for Broadcom NetExtreme network cards Guillaume Delugre N/A
AndBug -- A Scriptable Debugger for Android's Dalvik Virtual Machine Scott Dunlop N/A
Mach shellcodes and OS X injectable rootkits Jesse "x30n" D'aguanno N/A
Advances in rootkit technology - Atmosphere-A network-covert, remote FreeBSD hidden kernel-thread rootkit Jonathan Stuart N/A
Internet filtering Jacob Appelbaum N/A
Ghetto Tools for Embedded Analysis-Automated JTAG/serial scanning, building your own FLASH programmer, re-documenting IC's. Nathan ( cyphunk ) Fain N/A
Memory Eye Yoann Guillot N/A
The Future of Social Engineering Sharon Conheady N/A
Hardware Stuff for Software People Stephen A. Ridley N/A
Binary Literacy: Static Reverse Engineering Rolf Rolles N/A
Windows Internals for Reverse Engineers Alex Ionescu N/A
Bug Hunting and Analysis 0x65 Aaron Portnoy , Zef Cekaj N/A