REcon 2006 July 16, 2006 to July 18, 2006, Montreal,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Advancements in Anonymous eAnnoyance Christopher Abad N/A
PaiMei and the Five Finger Exploding Palm RE Techniques Pedram Amini N/A
Disassembling and Patching Hardware Bunnie N/A
Social Engineering for Penetration Testers Sharon Conheady N/A
Network Devices an Insiders View Dennis Cox N/A
Vanilla Skype Fabrice Desclaux , Kostya Kortchinsky N/A
Multi-cavity NOP-infection OS-Independent x86 Virus Anthony Lopes N/A
Tracing for Hardware, Driver and Binary Reverse Engineering in Linux Mathieu Desnoyers N/A
Reversing our searching habits "Power searching without Google" Fravia N/A
Breaking WiFi... Faster!!! David Hulton N/A
Subverting Windows 2003 SP1 Kernel Integrity Protection Alex Ionescu N/A
Fix Bugs in Binaries Luis Miras N/A
OllyBone - Semi-Automatic Unpacking on IA-32 Joe Stewart N/A
Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries Alexander Sotirov N/A
IDARub Spoonm N/A
Fuzzing - Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery Michael Sutton N/A
Secure Development with Static Analysis Ted Unangst N/A