RSA 2011 Feb. 15, 2011 to Feb. 18, 2011, N.A,US

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel Discussion: Update on DNSSEC: A Discussion with the Experts James Bidzos N/A
Panel Discussion: Cyber War: How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cyber Bomb Gary Mcgraw N/A
Panel Discussion: Advanced Persistent Threats: War Stories from the Front Lines Dmitri Alperovitch N/A
Top Website Vulnerabilities: Trends, Business Effects and How to Fight Them Jeremiah Grossman N/A
Don't Teach Developers Security Caleb Sima N/A
The Dishonest Minority: Security as Society's Enabler Bruce Schneier N/A
How to Recruit Spies on the Internet Ira Winkler N/A
Cloudiquantanomidatumcon: The Infra/Info-Centric Debate in the Cloud Rich Mogull , Chris Hoff N/A
Panel Discussion: Public, Meet Private: Lessons Learned in Chasing Cyber Crooks Joseph Menn N/A
Panel Discussion: Extreme Makeover: Open Source Edition Jacob West , Brian Chess N/A
From White Hat to Black - The Curious Case of Cybercrime Kingpin, Max Vision Kevin Poulsen N/A
Panel Discussion: The Seven Most Dangerous New Attack Techniques, and What's Coming Next Alan Paller N/A
Misconceptions of Security Paul Kocher N/A
Hacking Exposed - Exploiting the Cloud and Virtual Machines George Kurtz , Stuart Mcclure N/A
Software Security: The Big Picture Brian Chess N/A
Stop Exposing Yourself: Principles of Attack Surface Analysis and Reduction Bryan Sullivan , Michael Howard N/A
The Evolution of Software Security Assurance and its Relevance Today Jacob West N/A
Innovation in Application Security Peleus Uhley N/A
Intelligence on the Intractable Problem of Insecure Software Sam King , Chris Wysopal N/A
Agile Development, Security Fail Adrian Lane N/A
Making Security Decisions Disappear into the User's Workflow Alan H. Karp N/A
Security Business Cases: Fact and Fiction in Selling Security James Anderson , James Christiansen N/A
A Changing Industry: The 2011 Global Information Security Workforce Study Hord Tipton N/A
Scanning the Ten Petabyte Cloud: Finding the Malware that Isn't There Brian Sniffen N/A
Cloud Investigations and Forensics Davi Ottenheimer N/A
Trusted IaaS Charlton Barreto , Hemma Prafullchandra N/A
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About DLP Rich Mogull N/A
Behind the Verizon Business 2010 Data Breach Investigations Report Bryan Sartin N/A
Thirty Thousand Records, Four Weeks, and No Time to Lose Julie Fitton N/A
Overlooked Security Threats of Data Recovery Operations Michael Hall , Paul Reymann N/A
A Practical Approach to Risk Management Bruce Jones N/A
The Psychology of Risk: Why Understanding Human Behavior is Essential Miles Edmundson N/A
Security Metrics: A Beginner's Guide Caroline Wong N/A
Metrics are Bunk!?: The Zombie Apocalypse, Baseball, and Security Metrics Josh Corman , Alex Hutton N/A
Payment Data in 2011 and Beyond: Investigating Updates to the PCI Standards Bob Russo N/A
Mapping an Organization's DNA Using Social Media Abhilash Sonwane N/A
Red Pill, Blue Pill – Prescriptions for Curing Compliance Complexity Cliff Baker , Trevor Horwitz N/A
Building a Global Privacy Program Leveraging Binding Corporate Rules Eric Lybeck , Rick Siebenaler N/A
Browsing Known Sites is Safe – True or False? Lukas Hasik , Jiri Sejtko N/A
Wireless Vulnerabilities in the Wild: View from the Trenches Gopinath K.n. N/A
Why Johnny Can't Navigate Away from this iFrame: A PHP Malware Primer Andrew Brandt N/A
Aspire to a Network Free of Malicious Programs Gerhard Eschelbeck , David Compton N/A
Combat IT Sabotage: Technical Solutions from the CERT Insider Threat Lab Dawn Cappelli , Joji Montelibano N/A
TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability Peter Robinson , Sean Parkinson N/A
Lightning Round: Mobile Security the Ugly Truth Denis Maslennikov N/A
BlackBerry Security FUD Free Adam Meyers N/A
Luring Your Prey: The Art of Effectively Communicating with a Cyber Predator Janice Neiderhofer N/A
A Study on The State of Web Security Henry Stern , Patrick Peterson N/A
Drive By Downloads: How to Avoid Getting a Cap Popped in Your App Neil Daswani , Lars Ewe N/A
How Malware Authors Are Winning the War James Lyne N/A
Ethical Considerations Involving the Use of Force in Cyberspace David Willson , Benjamin Tomhave N/A
The U.S. Cyber Challenge: Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Guardians Karen Evans , Alan Paller N/A
The Machinery of Cybercrime: Uncut and Uncensored! Keith Mularski , Jeff Bardin N/A
The Manchurian Device Problem Phillip Hallam-baker N/A
Rethinking Passwords William R. Cheswick N/A
PKI, Lemon Markets and Lemonade Peter Gutmann N/A
Government Information Security: The State of the Union Eric Chabrow , David Matthews N/A
What Happens in Vegas Goes on YouTube: Security and Corporate Social Networks Ben Rothke N/A
Loose Lips Sink Networks - Is Social Networking Making Your Network Insecure? Frank Nagle N/A
Trends in Mobile Authentication and Fraud Deterrence Markus Jakobsson , Richard Chow N/A
Awareness for the ADD and ADHD Society Jeff Bardin N/A
Is it Time to Put HIPS in the Recycle Bin? Eric Ogren N/A
Risk and Resilience: Considerations for Information Security Risk Assessment Jim Cebula N/A