SOUPS 2012 July 11, 2012 to July 13, 2012, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Measuring User Confidence in Smartphone Security and Privacy David A. Wagner , Adrienne porter Felt , Erika Chin , Vyas Sekar N/A
Goldilocks and the Two Mobile Devices: Going Beyond All-Or-Nothing Access to a Device's Applications Stuart E. Schechter , A.j. bernheim Brush , Eiji Hayashi , Oriana Riva , Karin Strauss N/A
Android Permissions: User Attention, Comprehension, and Behavior David A. Wagner , Serge Egelman , Adrienne porter Felt , Erika Chin , Elizabeth Ha , Ariel Haney N/A
Smart, Useful, Scary, Creepy: Perceptions of Behavioral Advertising Lorrie Faith Cranor , Blase Ur , Pedro g. Leon , Richard Shay , Yang Wang N/A
Reasons, Rewards, Regrets: Privacy Considerations in Location Sharing as an Interactive Practice Apu Kapadia , Greg Norcie , Sameer Patil , Adam j. Lee N/A
Stories as Informal Lessons about Security Rick Wash , Emilee Rader , Brandon Brooks N/A
Correct horse battery staple: Exploring the usability of system-assigned passphrases Tim Vidas , Lorrie Faith Cranor , Lujo Bauer , Nicolas Christin , Blase Ur , Richard Shay , Patrick gage Kelley , Saranga Komanduri , Michelle l. Mazurek N/A
Do You See Your Password? Applying Recognition to Textual Passwords Robert Biddle , Nicholas Wright , Andrew s. Patrick N/A
InViz: Instant Visualization of Security Attacks Lucas Layman , Nico Zazworka N/A
Audiotegrity Richard Carback , Alex Florescu , Tyler Kaczmarek , Jan Rubio , Noel Runyan , Poorvi l. Vora , John Wittrock , Filip Zagórski N/A
A Chrome Extension to Prevent the SSLstripping Attack Daniel Fairweather , Dongwan Shin N/A
Prototype System for Visualizing Security Risks on Mobile Device Akira Kanaoka , Takeshi Takahashi , Tadashi Minowa , Shin’ichiro Matsuo N/A
Remotegrity: Are Usable and Secure Remote Voting Schemes Possible? Poorvi l. Vora , Filip Zagórski N/A
Emotional CAPTCHA: Bots Cannot Feel Happiness or Sadness! Konstantin Beznosov , Hyoungshick Kim , Hootan Rashtian N/A
AppWindow: Tracking Mobile Apps Tracking You Fuming Shih , Frances Zhang N/A
Smartphones and Election 2012: Rewards and Risks of e-Democracy Lillie Coney N/A
Usability Considerations for DNSSEC Steve Sheng N/A
The Fine Print: Adding UX to Terms + Conditions Gregg Bernstein N/A
Scamicry! Rob Reeder N/A
Facebook and Privacy: It's Complicated Steven M. Bellovin , Serge Egelman , Maritza Johnson N/A
Are privacy concerns a turn-off? Engagement and privacy in social networks Jessica Staddon , David Huffaker , Larkin Brown , Aaron Sedley N/A
Helping Johnny 2.0 to Encrypt His Facebook Conversations Matthew Smith , Sascha Fahl , Marian Harbach , Thomas Muders , Uwe Sander N/A
+Your Circles: Sharing Behavior on Google+ Heather richter Lipford , Jason Watson , Andrew Besmer N/A
The PViz Comprehension Tool for Social Network Privacy Settings Kristen Lefevre , Alessandra Mazzia , Eytan Adar N/A
Relating Declarative Semantics and Usability in Access Control Mahesh v. Tripunitara , Vivek Krishnan , Kinson Chik , Tony Bergstrom , Desire2learn N/A
Panel Maritza Johnson , Simson Garfinkel , Michael Zimmer , Doug Maughan N/A
Anti-Phishing system using footprint-sharing web site Manabu Okamoto , Eri Otsuka , Ayaka Miyazaw N/A
CommonTerms - Magnifying the Fine Print Gregg Bernstein , Pär Lannerö N/A
Preliminary Investigation of Gesture-Based Password: Integrating Additional User Behavioral Features Lakshmidevi Sreeramareddy , Jinjuan Feng , Andrew Sears N/A
Towards Measuring Warning Readability Matthew Smith , Sascha Fahl , Marian Harbach , Thomas Muders N/A
On Design of Audio Instructions for Multisensory Authentication for Portable Touchscreen Device Madoka Hasegawa , Shigeo Kato , Naoaki Isogai N/A
Attitudes to IT-Security When Using a Smartphone Zinaida Benenson , Nadina Hintz , Olaf Kroll-peters , Matthias Krupp N/A
Friendship in German Online Social Networks Zinaida Benenson , Nadina Hintz , Thorsten Strufe N/A
Cellphones and Punishment: Encouraging Secure Mobile Behavior Through Morality Shu Liu , Aaron Striegel , Dirk Van Bruggen , John D'arcy , Chuck Crowell N/A
Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Alerts? Nicklaus A. Giacobe N/A
User perception of usability and security of a mobile payment system Hanul Sieger , Niklas Kirschnick , Sebastian Möller N/A
Usability Evaluation of Gesture-Based Authentication Using a Mobile Phone Niklas Kirschnick , Sebastian Möller , Benjamin Müller N/A
Towards improving usability of access certification interfaces Konstantin Beznosov , Hootan Rashtian , Pooya Jaferian N/A
Examining Confidant Disclosures through Facebook Apps and Tagging Kim Rosser , Emmanuel Bello-ogunu , Pamela Karr Wisniewski N/A
Visualization of user’s end-to-end security risks Keita Emura , Akira Kanaoka , Takeshi Takahashi , Yuuki Takano , Shin’ichiro Matsuo N/A
PhorceField: A Phish-Proof Password Ceremony ( Rob Johnson , Michael Hart , Claude Castille , Manoj Harpalani , Jonathon Toohill N/A
Third-Party Apps on Facebook: Privacy and the Illusion of Control Heng Xu , Jens Grossklags , Na Wang N/A
ASIDE: IDE Support for Web Application Security Heather richter Lipford , Bill Chu , Jing Xie , John T. Melton N/A
Social Authentication: Harder than it Looks Ross Anderson , Hyoungshick Kim , John Tang N/A
Tag, you can see it!: using tags for access control in photo sharing Lorrie Faith Cranor , Michael K. Reiter , Lujo Bauer , Blase Ur , Michelle l. Mazurek , Manya Sleeper , Peter F. Klemperer , Yuan Liang , Nitin Gupta N/A
The Implications of Offering More Disclosure Choices for Social Location Sharing Karen P. Tang , Jason I. Hong , Dan P. Siewiorek N/A
Don't bump, shake on it: The exploitation of a popular accelerometer-based smart phone exchange and its secure replacement Lujo Bauer , Ahren Studer , Timothy Passaro N/A
How Does Your Password Measure Up? The Effect of Strength Meters on Password Creation Lorrie Faith Cranor , Lujo Bauer , Nicolas Christin , Blase Ur , Richard Shay , Patrick gage Kelley , Saranga Komanduri , Michelle l. Mazurek , Timothy Vidas , Timothy Passaro , Joel Lee , Michael Maass N/A
On the need for different security methods on mobile phones Hanul Sieger , Niklas Kirschnick , Sebastian Möller , Noam Ben-asher , Joachim Meyer N/A
Security and Privacy Considerations in Digital Death Michael E. Locasto , Mike Massimi , Peter J. Depasquale N/A
A Conundrum of Permissions: Installing Applications on an Android Smartphone Lorrie Faith Cranor , Jaeyeon Jung , David Wetherall , Patrick gage Kelley , Sunny Consolvo , Norman Sadeh N/A
Security and Usability Challenges of Moving-Object CAPTCHAs: Decoding Codewords in Motion Fabian Monrose , Sonia Chiasson , P. van Oorschot , Yi Xu , Gerardo Reynaga , Jan-micheal Frahm N/A