SafeComp 2012 Sept. 26, 2012 to Sept. 28, 2012, Toulouse,France

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Towards Composable Safety Hans Hansson N/A
A Lightweight Methodology for Safety Case Assembly Ewen Denney , Ganesh Pai N/A
A Pattern-based Method for Safe Adaptable Control Exemplified within Nuclear Power Pro duction André Hauge , Ketil Stølen N/A
Risk assessment for airworthiness security Silvia Gil Casals , Philippe Owezarski , Gilles Descargues N/A
A Method for Guided Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation for Offshore Operations Christoph Läsche , Eckard Böde , Thomas Peikenkamp N/A
Risk Analysis and Software Integrity Protection for 4G Network Elements in ASMONIA Manfred Schäfer N/A
Applying Industrial-strength Testing Techniques to Critical Care Medical Equipment Christoph Woskowski N/A
Requirement decomposition and testability in development of safety-critical automotive components Viacheslav Izosimov , Urban Ingelsson , Andreas Wallin N/A
Model based specification, verification and test generation for a safety fieldbus profile Jan Krause , Elke Hintze , Stephan Magnus , Christian Diedrich N/A
Quantification of Priority-OR Gates in Temporal Fault Trees Ernest Edifor , Martin Walker , Neil Gordon N/A
Cross-Level Compositional Reliability Analysis for Embedded Systems Michael Glaß , Heng Yu , Felix Reimann , Jürgen Teich N/A
Sensing Everywhere: Towards Safer and More Reliable Sensor-enabled Devices Marta Kwiatkowska N/A
IT-forensic automotive investigations on the example of route reconstruction on automotive system and communication data Jana Dittmann , Stefan Kiltz , Tobias Hoppe , Sven Kuhlmann N/A
Towards an IT Security Protection Profile for Safety-related Communication in Railway Automation Jens Braband , Birgit Milius , Hans-herrmann Bock , Hendrik Schäbe N/A
Towards a Secure Fieldbus Communication Claudia Eckert , Felix Wieczorek , Christoph Krauß , Frank Schiller N/A
An ontological approach to systematization of SW-FMEA Irene Bicchierai , Giacomo Bucci , Carlo Nocentini , Enrico Vicario N/A
Online Black-box Failure Prediction for Mission Critical Distributed Systems Roberto Baldoni , Giorgia Lodi , Guido Mariotta , Luca Montanari , Marco Rizzuto N/A
On the Impact of Hardware Faults - An Investigation of the Relationship between Workload Inputs and Failure Mode Distributions Fatemeh Ayatolahi , Behrooz Sangchoolie , Roger Johansson , Johan Karlsson , Domenico Di Leo N/A
Formal development and assessment of a reconfigurable on-board satellite system Elena Troubitsyna , Timo Latvala , Anton Tarasyuk , Inna Pereverzeva , Laura Nummila N/A
Impact of Soft Errors in a Jet Engine Controller Johan Karlsson , Olof Hannius N/A
Which automata for which safety assessment step of satellite FDIR? Ludovic Pintard , Christel Seguin , Jean-paul Blanquart N/A
A novel modelling pattern for establishing failure models and assisting architectural exploration in an automotive context Carl Bergenhem , Rolf Johansson , Henrik Lönn N/A
Reviewing Software Models in Compliance with ISO 26262 Ingo Stuermer , Hartmut Pohlheim , Elke Salecker N/A
Software architecture of a safety-related actuator in traffic management systems Thomas Novak , Christoph Stoegerer N/A
Safety Relevant Developments in Automobile Technology Jürgen Leohold N/A
Adapting a Software Product Line Engineering Process for Certifying Safety Critical Embed ded Systems Rosana Braga , Onofre Trindade , Kalinka Branco , Luciano Neris , Jaejoon Lee N/A
Failure Modes, Functional Resonance and Socio-Technical Hazards: Limitations of FMEA in Healthcare Settings Mark Alexander Sujan , Massimo Felici N/A
A STAMP Analysis on the China-Yongwen Railway Accident Tian Song , Deming Zhong , Hang Zhong N/A
A Systematic Approach to Justifying Sufficient Confidence in Software Safety Arguments Insup Lee , Anaheed Ayoub , Oleg Sokolsky , Baekgyu Kim N/A
Determining potential errors in tool chains Martin Wildmoser , Jan Philipps , Oscar Slotosch N/A
Safety-Focused Deployment Optimization in Open Integrated Architectures Jens Höfflinger , Susanne Bürklen , Bastian Zimmer , Mario Trapp , Peter Liggesmeyer N/A
Approximate Reliability Algebra for Architecture Optimization Philipp Helle , Michael Masin , Lev Greenberg N/A