HackerHalted 2011 Oct. 25, 2011 to Oct. 31, 2011, Atlanta,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Defending the frontier 3.0 Jay Bavisi N/A
Cyber-War and the future of cyber conflict Bruce Schneier N/A
Have we lost the war on security? George Kurtz N/A
Battery firware hacking Charlie Miller N/A
4 years and 4 thousand websites: What have we learned about website security? Jeremiah Grossman N/A
Insulin Pump hacking Barnaby Jack N/A
Apple iOS4 Security Evaluation Dino Dai Zovi N/A
SSL and the future of authenticity Moxie Marlinspike N/A
APT's :Misunderstood and overhyped-What we should do to protect ourselves Wolfgang Kandek N/A
Panel Discussion - Is your security strategy working? PROVE IT Tim Wilson N/A
Cyber Espionage- Running the table with the Cyber Intelligence Cycle Jeffrey Bardin N/A
Whitelisting vs Blacklisting - The good, the bad and the ugly Harry Sverdlove N/A
The law of carrying and capturing packets: What you should know about open wifi networks and tor relays Kevin Bankston , Marcia Hoffman N/A
Secrets to hacking:The challenges, risks and rewards Haja Mohideen N/A
how to gain access to laptops and virtual machines through the physical memory Csaba Barta N/A
PCI data security standard update Hemma Prfullchandra N/A
six key application security metrics - appsec risk management in 2012 Arian Evans N/A
SSD:solid state drives and how they work for data recovery and forensics Scott Moulton N/A
Hacking google ChromeOS Matt Johansen N/A
PHP: LEsser known exploits Sean Arries N/A
mobile app moolah:profit taking with mobile malware Jimmy Shah N/A
transparent smartphone spying Georgia Weidman N/A
follow my botnet on twitter Christopher Elisan N/A
TCP stack exhaustion and staying power Anna Claiborne N/A
turbo unpacking: a journey into malicious packers Nicolas Brulez N/A
spy jackers- Countering persistent threats Sean M. Bodmer N/A
no death by powerpoint-just live hacking Joe Mccray N/A
Cloudy with the chance of a hack John Weinschenk N/A
building your own virtual attack lab (aka my laptop is my Datacenter) Edward Haletky N/A
next generation cloud api's: security embedded Richard Tychansky N/A
PCI compliances in the cloud: Why or why not? Mike Dahn , Martin Mckaey N/A
cloud service provider secuirty update Robert Rounsavall N/A
pentesting the cloud Tim Pierson N/A
Do they deliver? practical secuirty and load testing of the cloud Matthias Luft N/A
practical cloud forensics Wayne Burke N/A
cloud forensics and data preservation: a practical road map of dos and donts Aaron Weiss N/A
new scada attacks -APT, night dragon and stuxnet - everybody is kung fu fighting Jonathan Pollet N/A
scada and plc vulnerabilities Tiffany Rad , John Strauchs , Teague Newman N/A
scada dismal, or bang-bang SCADA Yaniv Miron N/A
Control system cybersecurity training kit live demonstration Matthew Luallen N/A
scada security: Why is it so hard? Amol Sarwate N/A
new cyber warfare targets: scada systems Robert E. Lee N/A
Legal and technical analysis of PLC and scada vulnerabilities Tiffany Rad , Teague Newman N/A
diy scada security- learn how to build your own scada defense solutions Jonathan Pollet N/A
SCADA hacking : the proliferation of weapons for the next world war Tiffany Rad , Jonathan Pollet , Matthew Luallen , Shaun Waterman N/A
insight into the russian black market Alan Kakareka N/A
collecting eyeballs: measuring and analyzing malicious activity on twitter and facebook Daniel Peck N/A
achieve significant cost savings using anti-malware automation tools Darin Anderson N/A
pulp google hacking: the next generation search engine hacking arsenal Francis Brown N/A
everything you need to know about wireless security Domonkos P. Tomcsanyi N/A
risk assesment based on vulnerability analysis Ari Takanen N/A
APT in the enterprise - finding an evil in a kaystack Pascal Longpre N/A
the social solution to social engineering James Abrams N/A
cut the crap: lets create a phising,trojan attack in 45minutes or less Dave Chronister N/A
a crushing blow at the heart of sap j2ee engine Alexander mikhailovich Polyakov N/A
retrieving internet chat history with the same ease as squirrel cracks nuts Yuri Gubanov N/A
jack of all formats Daniel Crowley N/A
collecting shellz by the C-side Rob Kraus , Jose Hernandez N/A
achieving database security and compliance in the cloud Josh Shaul N/A
attacking and mitigating unbound media Brad Smith N/A
the new frontier for Zeus and SpyEye Ryan Sherstobitoff N/A
the myth of the advanced persistent threat Dave Marcus N/A
And you will know us by the ttrail of our logs: malware research and analsis using log data Zachary Wolff N/A
Software (in)security defending against evil software Shakeel Tufail N/A
blackberry wachdog- because you need prevention Radustanescu N/A
the good hacker - hunting web malware Aditya K Sood N/A
hacking: old school- when frameworks do not have your exploit Kevin Cardwell N/A
root cause of cybercrime, cyberwar and malware exploitation: CVE's Gary Miliefsky N/A