SuitsandSpooks 2014 Jan. 19, 2014 to Jan. 19, 2014, Washington,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Follow The Money – Detecting Cyber Crime in Offshore Financial Institutions Phil Rosenberg , John Gilkes , Scott Dueweke N/A
Exploiting End Points, Devices, and the Internet of Things Dave Dittrich , Terry Mccorkle , Remy Baumgarten , Kurt Baumgartner N/A
Un-masking the Stealthy Hacker Lance Cottrell N/A
The Human Element – Every System’s Weakest Link Eric O’neill N/A
A Proposed Legal Framework for Active Defense Randy V. Sabett , Steven Chabinsky , Irving Lachow N/A
“The Importance of Critical Thinking when Evaluating Cyber Threat Intelligence Carmen Medina N/A
“ Use of Automated Behavioral Analysis to Anticipate Cyber Attacks” Robert Zitz N/A
Can Companies Afford an Active Defense Strategy? Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff , Anup K. Ghosh , Dave Dittrich , Jody Westby , Katherine Carpenter N/A
“Security Economics – Competing in a obese and insecure intellectual property landscape” Ali-reza Anghale N/A
Keynote Dan Geer N/A
The Supply Chain – A Nearly Invisible Attack Vector Jeffrey Carr , Andy Purdy , Rick Holland , Stephen Boyer , Eric O’neill , Larry Castro , Harry Wingo N/A
Supporting Private Sector Cyber Defense in the Post-Snowden era; Can the Government be effective? David Howe , Joel Bagnal , Michael Allen , Chris Inglis N/A
High Speed Operators – What Cyber Security Engineers can learn from Special Operations Forces Robert Zitz , Harry Wingo , Rob Dubois , Kane Crisler N/A
C4+1ISR: Applying the intelligence processes in corporate environments Robb Driscoll N/A
Is the Cloud and Virtualization an Attacker’s Dream or Nightmare? Billy Rios , Christofer ( Hoff ) Hoff , Anup K. Ghosh , Kurt Baumgartner , Barbara Hunt N/A
How Organizations can Leverage Data to Observe Risk and Assess Opportunities Oren J. Falkowitz N/A
Operational Counter-Intelligence for Critical Infrastructure and High Profile Targets Kane Crisler , Dale Wooden , Michael Mcandrews N/A