asis 2014 Feb. 16, 2014 to Feb. 17, 2014, UAE,Dubai

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Exhibition Opening H.e Mansoori N/A
Keynote: H.e Mansoori N/A
Keynote: Strategic, Smart and Secure: Mitigating Twenty-First Century Threats Abdulrahman Wuhaib N/A
The Science of Truth and Lies Leila Edwards N/A
Beyond Best Practice: Threat Alert Systems Glenn C. Schoen N/A
Critical National Infrastructure in the Information Age Nadeem Khan N/A
Bringing the Organization into the Security Continuity Mindset Alanood Alrabiah N/A
Security Risk Management: Real World Case Studies Nick Beale N/A
Unit 61398 Cyber Attacks From Shanghai: Prepared? Ali Pabrai N/A
How Can Organisations Reduce Their Exposure to Electronic Crime Paul M. Wright N/A
The Power of Certification: A Middle East Case Study Jean Perois N/A
A Framework For Managing Crime and Fraud Torsten Wolf N/A
Critical Infrastructure Protection - Target Hardening & Testing - Are Your Security Systems Truly Ready For The Ultimate Test, and How Do You Know? Samuel Poncho Jacot N/A
ISPS Code 2.0: Including the Supply Chain in the International Maritime Security Code Michael Edgerton N/A
Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) Turki Al Thonayan N/A
Terror at Mumbai: Game-Changing Concept of Terrorism and Precedence for Subsequent and Future Terrorist Attacks David Gray N/A
Web 2.0: Risk From Social Media Pramod Bhatt N/A
Integrated Crisis Response: Protecting Employees From Today's Evolving Security Risks Daniel Richards N/A
Shrinking world; expanding risks – The development of High Risk travel training Paul Eddings , Angela Osborne N/A
Security and Community Relations - Interdependence In Difficult Geographies Sushil Pradhan N/A
Counterfeit Medicines, a New Threat for Generations Dominique Woloch N/A
Keynote: How Offenders Say They Get Around Security Measures: Why They Say It Is Easy. Martin Gill N/A
View from the Top: The (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study CXO Report Terry Thompson , Mahmoud Yassin N/A
Building a Security Conscious Culture In An Industrial Company David a. Patterson N/A
Assessing Supplier Risk In The Supply Chain Brad Kingston N/A
United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations Peter Harriman N/A
Culture and Its Role In Global Resilience Mark Clegg N/A
Smart Security, The Optimization and Mathematical Modeling of Security Queues Aisha Alomair N/A
Analysis of the Competency Paths in the Security World Haithem Albalawi N/A
Crisis Management - A Crisis Management Cast Study of Egypt and Lybia Simon Howse N/A
The Rise of Sectarianism Throughout The Middle East Mazen Saadah , Tim Williams N/A
Blast Mitigation Measures – An In-Depth Look At Products and Approaches To Protect Against Explosive Attacks Hollice Stone N/A
Verbal Analysis - Reading Between The Lines Erik Ackerfeldt N/A
Oil and Gas Industry - Offshore Security Reuben Murrell N/A
Private Security in High Risk Environments Dr. Marc Siegel N/A
The Risk Assessment and Security Master Planning Jeff Slotnick N/A