BSidesSF 2014 Feb. 23, 2014 to Feb. 24, 2014, San Francisco,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
TBD Morgan Marquis-boire N/A
Dancing With Dalvik Thomas Richards N/A
Telmex email security hole - My email was indexed by Google! Ken Westin N/A
Auto-Scaling Web Application Security in the Cloud Misha Govshteyn N/A
Anatomy of "Ice Dagger" attacks Noam Liran N/A
AppSec & Broken Window Theory: Why we are wining battles but losing the war Erik Peterson N/A
Make intelligent use of your intelligence Ping Yan N/A
A Day In The Life (Of A Security Researcher) Craig Young N/A
How (not) to talk to an analyst Jack Daniel , Javvad Malik , Wendy Nather N/A
Pwn All The Things: State of the modern penetration testing toolkit Sam Stelfox , Gabe Koss N/A
Give me your data! Dave Chronister N/A
ToyFAIL: Do it for the kids Zach Stanislav N/A
Running at 99%: Surviving An Application DoS Ryan Huber N/A
Bypassing EMET 4.1 Jared Demott N/A
Friendly Competition: Mentoring Youth in InfoSec Alex Levinson N/A
Ripped from the Headlines, What the news tells us about Information Security Incidents Kevin Thompson , Suzanne Widup N/A
When "trust us" isn't enough: Government surveillance in a post-Snowden world Christopher Soghoian N/A
Targeted Malware Final Form (APTrololol) Fuzzynop , Wartortell N/A
Case study: building a SDL metrics program Jared Pfost N/A
Threat Modeling: A New Hope Adam Shostack N/A
Using system fingerprints to track attackers Lance Cottrell N/A
Get a Grip on Unintended Consequences Russell C. Thomas N/A
Exploring Malicious Hot Spots in the ASN Space Dhia Mahjoub N/A
ICS and Embedded Security Research – A Primer Billy Rios N/A
Fix What Matters: Why Using CVSS for Remediation is Nuts Michael Roytman IncludeThinkstScapes