Fast 2014 Feb. 17, 2014 to Feb. 20, 2014, Santa Clara,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Big Memory Hakim Weatherspoon N/A
Log-structured Memory for DRAM-based Storage Stephen M. Rumble , Ankita Kejriwal , John Ousterhout N/A
Strata: High-Performance Scalable Storage on Virtualized Non-volatile Memory Brendan Cully , Jake Wires , Dutch Meyer , Kevin Jamieson , Keir Fraser , Tim Deegan , Daniel Stodden , Geoffrey Lefebvre , Daniel Ferstay , Andrew Warfield N/A
Evaluating Phase Change Memory for Enterprise Storage Systems: A Study of Caching and Tiering Approaches Hyojun Kim , Sangeetha Seshadri , Clement L. Dickey , Lawrence Chiu N/A
Flash and SSDs Steve Swanson N/A
Wear Unleveling: Improving NAND Flash Lifetime by Balancing Page Endurance Xavier Jimenez , David Novo , Paolo Ienne N/A
Lifetime Improvement of NAND Flash-based Storage Systems Using Dynamic Program and Erase Scaling Jaeyong Jeong , Sangwook Shane Hahn , Sungjin Lee , Jihong Kim N/A
ReconFS: A Reconstructable File System on Flash Storage Wei Wang , Youyou Lu , Jiwu Shu N/A
Personal and Mobile Jay Lorch N/A
Toward Strong, Usable Access Control for Shared Distributed Data Michael K. Reiter , Lujo Bauer , Michelle l. Mazurek , Manya Sleeper , Yuan Liang , William Melicher , Gregory R. Ganger , And Nitin Gupta N/A
On the Energy Overhead of Mobile Storage Systems Ranveer Chandra , Jing Li , Anirudh Badam , Steven Swanson , Bruce Worthington , Qi Zhang N/A
ViewBox: Integrating Local File Systems with Cloud Storage Services Yupu Zhang , Chris Dragga , Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau N/A
RAID and Erasure Codes James Plank N/A
CRAID: Online RAID Upgrades Using Dynamic Hot Data Reorganization Alberto Miranda , Toni Cortes N/A
STAIR Codes: A General Family of Erasure Codes for Tolerating Device and Sector Failures in Practical Storage Systems Mingqiang Li , Patrick Lee N/A
Keynote Presentation Jason Flinn N/A
FireBox: A Hardware Building Block for 2020 Warehouse-Scale Computers Krste Asanović N/A
Experience from Real Systems Angela Demke-brown N/A
(Big)Data in a Virtualized World: Volume, Velocity, and Variety in Enterprise Datacenters Robert Birke , Mathias Bjoerkqvist , Lydia Y. Chen , Evgenia Smirni , Ton Engbersen N/A
From Research to Practice: Experiences Engineering a Production Metadata Database for a Scale Out File System Craig A.N. Soules , Charles Johnson , Kimberly Keeton , Charles Iii , Alistair Veitch , Stephen Bacon , Oskar Batuner , Marcelo Condotta , Hamilton Coutinho , Patrick J. Doyle , Rafael Eichelberger , Hugo Kiehl , Guilherme Magalhaes , James Mcevoy , Padmanabhan Nagarajan , Patrick Osborne , Joaquim Souza , Andy Sparkes , Mike Spitzer , Sebastien Tandel , Lincoln Thomas , Sebastian Zangaro N/A
Analysis of HDFS Under HBase: A Facebook Messages Case Study Dhruba Borthakur , Andrea C. Arpaci-dusseau , Remzi H. Arpaci-dusseau , Tyler Harter , Siying Dong , Amitanand Aiyer , Liyin Tang N/A
Work-in-Progress Reports (WiPs) Bianca Schroeder N/A
Performance and Efficiency Erez Zadok N/A
SpringFS: Bridging Agility and Performance in Elastic Distributed Storage Nitin Gupta , Gregory R. Ganger , Lianghong Xu , James Cipar , Elie Krevat , Alexey Tumanov , Michael A. Kozuch N/A
Migratory Compression: Coarse-grained Data Reordering to Improve Compressibility Xing Lin , University Lu , Fred Douglis , Philip Shilane , Grant Wallace N/A
OS and Storage Interactions Raju Rangaswami N/A
Resolving Journaling of Journal Anomaly in Android I/O: Multi-Version B-tree with Lazy Split Wook-hee Kim , Beomseok Nam , Dongil Park , Youjip Won N/A
Journaling of Journal Is (Almost) Free Kai Shen , Stan Park , Meng Zhu N/A
Checking the Integrity of Transactional Mechanisms Ashvin Goel , Daniel Fryer , Mike Qin , Jack Sun , Kah Wai Lee , Angela Demke Brown N/A
OS and Peripherals Tom Talpey N/A
DC Express: Shortest Latency Protocol for Reading Phase Change Memory over PCI Express Steven Swanson , Dejan Vučinić , Qingbo Wang , Cyril Guyot , Robert Mateescu , Filip Blagojević , Luiz Franca-neto , Damien Le Moal , Trevor Bunker , Jian Xu , Zvonimir Bandić N/A