Chaos Communication Congress 16 Dec. 27, 1999 to Dec. 29, 1999, Berlin, Germany

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Notes : 27th Chaos Communication Congress

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Concept Presentation And Discussion Of Chaos Call Center Hendrik Fulda The operation of a "mess call center" as a telephone interface for the CCC has ... Security
Multicast Felix von Leitner Multicast describes the sending of data to n receivers. Besides a general introduction and a ... Security
Ipv6 Felix von Leitner IPv6 is the next version of Internet Protocol. She is opposed to various press reports ... Security IPv6
Buffer Overflows Felix von Leitner Buffer overflows are the # 1 security issue are now entered via the computer network. ... Security
Tcp Penetration Opportunities Felix von Leitner In addition to the buffer overflow, there are other methods to run over TCP connections ... Security
Internet Payment Systems Christoph Puppe (To clarify) Security
Certification Structures For Hackers (Foundation Of The Ccc-Ca) Doobee R. Tzeck For secure communication of trust in the used key is required. For OpenPGP, there is ... Security Access
Signing Party Doobee < The findings from the CCC-CA workshop to be implemented directly on the signing party. Held ... Security
Panel Discussion: Hackers And Mass Media: Who Wants What From Whom? Andy Mueller-maguhn The relationship between mass media and hackers is to be processed. Hacker as a popular ... Security Panel
Bsd Workshop Hans Huebner BSD is a free Unix-like operating system. It is available for a variety of platforms. ... Security
Reiserfs: The Chaotic Freedom Technolgy For Increasing Levels Of The Os Hans Reiser Overview: - Efficiency of subsystem Interaction Can Determine Number Of Interactions: In Some Systems That ... Security
Rc5: One Year Ccc Team Distributed Net Christoph Puppe A year later. The key is not found. RC5 is secure, or if our Computer ... Security
Security Auditing With Nessus Jordan Hrycaj The Nessus project is placed as a countermeasure to the emerging security software industry. It ... Security Auditing
Dvd And Css Andreas Bogk "DVD Hack". What actually happened? How exactly does the DVD copy protection? Why can not ... Security
Fnord-Diplomacy: From The Borders Of The Employability Of Virtual Realities Andy Mueller-maguhn What ever reality tunnel? Fnords? Realities? In this workshop, first the placement of virtual realities ... Security
Illuminati Workshop Jojo A brief introduction to the machinations of existing secret societies and their history for all ... Security
Echelon Interception Capabilities And Status Quo Of Sigint Duncan Campbell (Summary is not available yet) Security
Compromising Emissions And Other Techniques Of Professional Espionage Hans Georg Wolf (Summary is not available yet) Security
Biometrics Workshop Andreas Steinhauser Biometric systems are increasingly being used as access control. Why this can have fatal consequences ... Security Access
Ecommerce Vs. Cybercommunism: Trends D. Cultural Area Internet Andy Mueller-maguhn (Summary is not available yet) Security
Information Warfare And Computer Aided Crime Update Frank Rieger , Andy Mueller-maguhn InfoWar99: Legion of the Underground, war in Yugoslavia, exchanges ... CompuCrime99: The Russian banks and ... Security
Patents, Licenses And Public Knowledge: About Gpl And Many Other Volker Grasmuck (Summary is not available yet) Security
Big Brother Is Watching You: Camera Surveillance In Germany Jadis The Cologne CCC has noted the massive installation of cameras to the World Economic Summit ... Security Monitoring Legal
Internet Child Safety Status Quo / Youth Media Projects And Similar Confusion Jadis An annual summary of media education and political debate in Germany. If finally the contents ... Security Media
Chaos Project Management Hendrik Fulda Who knows who does what in and around the CCC? Who knows who does what ... Security
Search And Find On The Web Hendrik Fulda The presentation gives an overview with examples of existing information resources on the internet and ... Security Web
Security On Your Hand: File Encryption With The Java Ring Ruediger Weiss In this workshop we VISA present the first implementation for high-speed file encryption with a ... Security
How To Ring A Freeswan Ruediger Weiss FreeS / WAN implements the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) protocol for the negotiation of the ... Security
Let S Factorize The Microsoft 512-Bit Key Ruediger Weiss Microsoft uses a 512 bit key for their e-commerce. That is pretty funny because an ... Security
Gcos - Gnu Card Operating System Christian Kahlo Abstract: The need for an open operating system, not later as an alternative to "micro ... Security
Find Security Problems In Source Code Marc Heuse The workshop provides a complete overview of possible vulnerabilities in the Source Code (file descriptor ... Security
Retro Computing: Vax / Vms (Workshop) Hans Huebner 1999th The entire world is dominated by two operating systems: Windows and Unix. The earlier ... Security
Free Hardware Design / The F-Cpu Project Introduces Itself Sven Klose Why a free CPU? What makes the development possible? Who can participate? Who takes part? ... Security Development
Tron Andy Mueller-maguhn Despite or because it is an ongoing investigation, we are talking first about the facts ... Security
Introduction To Tcp / Ip Pirx The presentation provides a technical introduction to TCP / IP protocol family. It explains protocol ... Security Routing
Project Presentation Chaos Cd Pirx The team that has perpetrated the CD, presented the project and the CD. In addition ... Security
Wizards Of Os Revisited Volker Grassmuck The conference "Wizards of OS. Open Source & Free Software" in July 99 in the ... Security
Wizards Of Os The Next Episode Volker Grasmuck The Wizards are coming in the fall of 2000 in Berlin. The workshop will be ... Security
Sigint Technology Status Quo: What Do We Know? What We Do Not Know? Matthias Rehkop (Summary is not available yet) Theory and practice of the conspiracy theory - practice and ... Security
Stupidity In Networks, Part 16: Data Rail Travel Padeluun Anyone who must train runs drunk and rich. Seemingly every passenger interferes with the service ... Security
Hypercard - The Start Of The Multimedia Age Jörg Kantel As a HyperCard shipped with every Macintosh in 1987, it was a sensation. Originally intended ... Security
Opening Of The 16Th Chaos Communication Congress 1999 Andy Mueller-maguhn Short overview of organizational and substantive details Security
Year In Review: The Chaos 1999 Spokesman CCC Ev The spokesman for the CCC eV attempt an overview of the chaos of 1999 to ... Security
Y2K Experience 1992-1999 Klaus Brunnstein (Summary is not. Mr. Brunnstein of this case is currently a lot and still am ... Security
Wap - Where Are The Phones? Tobias Engel All of our mobile phones soon to speak a new language: the wireless application protocol. ... Security Wireless
Award Ceremony D. 3 German Championships In Lock Picking And Staging Of The Competition Flash Opening. Steffen Wernéry At the end of the two-day competition, the new German champion their prices. During car ... Security
Ip Routing Felix von Leitner The DNS server says my mail server as the IP number it is to deliver ... Security Routing
Closing Ceremony / Views Of The Next Millennium Andy Mueller-maguhn None Security
Feminetzmus: Women'S Networks (With Fts, Webgrrls Etc.) Nina Corda , Haecksen "new media" feminist, geek girls, nerdettes .. begin at different levels (and with ... Security
Object-Oriented Dynamic Programming - Dylan Andreas Bogk The favorite languages ??are C and Perl hacker. Both cover a certain part of the ... Security Development
The Cash Card As The Object Christian Kahlo This workshop will give an introduction to the under lying documentation. Content is the ... Security
Tesla Workshop Alex Wenger Life and invention of Tesla. Playing around with his technique (careful coil) http://www. Security
Chop Up An Appetite Or: Real Hackers Don T Eat Hot Pizza Andreas Steinhauser What did you do to free radicals, vitamins and patent rights with each other. Conspiracy ... Security Analysis
Linux In The Lower Deathmatch Hack Center Martin Bos (Descriptions would be what happens anyway .. there's not really hit) Security
18:30 Dress Code & Geeks Dine Is there a dress code among hackers? If so, how does she look? Are there ... Security
Technology / Meeting Of Radio Amateurs In The Ccc Migri (Summary is not available yet, Funk Interested run out as the best way) Security
Final Hand Opening Steffen Wernéry As part of the third German Lockpicking Championships here finds the Finald instead of manual ... Security
Lockpicking Workshop Steffen Wernéry Take place in Room 4 at the lock opener instead. Security
Linux Introduction (Women Only) Anne Forker alls in the Free Zone (SEZ) Security
Hen-Party: Power Structures - Who Has The Power, Who Want To Give Them? Unknown Found in the alls Free Zone (SEZ) held. Security
Old Boys Network (Obn) Presentation Sollfrank Found in the alls Free Zone (SEZ) held. Security