AppSecAsiaPac 2014 March 17, 2014 to March 20, 2014, Tokyo,Japan

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome Address and Openening Remarks Riotaro Okada , Tobais Gondrom N/A
KEYNOTE Michael Coates , Suguru Yamaguchi N/A
OWASP Top 10 2013. KEYNOTE Dave Wichers N/A
The OWASP Proactive Controls. Jim Manico N/A
OWASP documents for every people. Chia-lung Albert Hsieh N/A
12 Case Studies for the Access Controls of Web Application. Takashi Honda N/A
Get Ready for the Next Big Wave of Attacks: Hacking of Leading CMS Systems. Helen Bravo , Sanjay Agnani N/A
Why OWASP AppSensor is the future of Application Security, and why you should be using it. Dennis Groves N/A
Inside Story of the first SaaS type WAF Service. Kana Toko N/A
The Art and Science of Configuring SSL. Nick Galbreath N/A
Bad Web Apps are Good – The Broken Web Application Project. Mordecai Kraushar N/A
The fact report of attack traffic on the Internet. Makoto Niimura N/A
The investigation of Web Application Vulnerabilities in Japan. Koki Takahashi N/A
eXtend Security on Xcode. Tokuji Akamine , Raymund Pedraita N/A
Getting a handle on mobile security. Jerry Hoff N/A
Preinstalled Android application poisoning. Yoshitaka Kato N/A
HTML 5 Security for Web Application Development. Yoshinori Matsumoto N/A
XSS Allstars from Japan. Yosuke Hasegawa , Masato Kinugawa , Mala N/A
Secure Escaping method for the age of HTML 5. Yoshinori Takesako N/A
Management for Security Life Cycle. Shoji Ito N/A
How to choose (or write) your own source code scanner. Yu-lu “chris” Liu N/A
1 user, 10 places, 100 seconds. Matias Madou N/A
DevOps. Dave Wichers N/A