BSIDESAustin 2014 March 20, 2014 to March 21, 2014, Austin,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE: - SOPHOS - Pulling back the covers: A look at the evolution of Credit Card theft and how to detect it. A demonstration will be provided. Chester Wisniewski N/A
Hack the hustle! Career stratgies for information security Eve Adams N/A
Filesystem Journaling forensics David Cowen N/A
How we're failing to secure the "Internet of Things" Mark Stanislav N/A
Go hybrid! Mixed skills for modern pentests - or hacking like an APT Kevin Dunn N/A
Attacking authentication credentials David Ochel N/A
Data sciene and you! Dorky Brian Wylie , Mike "sooshie" Sconzo N/A
"Reading the security tea leaves" -The story from 50 million vulnerabilities Ed Bellis , Matt Johansen N/A
2014 - The year which we cannot ignore SCADA Amol Sarwate N/A
A look inside a successful Android botnet - Ginmaster uncloaked Chester Wisniewski N/A
Keynote- SCADA/ICS - SCADA Security state of affairs Brian Meixell N/A
Choose to lead Phil Beyer N/A
Around the world in 80 cons Jayson E Street N/A
Covert Hacking with the raspberry Pi Branden R. Williams N/A
Emerging threars facing the cloud Stephen Coty N/A