BSidesVancouver 2014 March 10, 2014 to March 11, 2014, Vancouver,Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Lightbeam - Illuminating privacy risks online Dethe Elza N/A
The Management of Information Security at Scale Andrew Stewart N/A
2014: The year in which we cannot ignore SCADA Amol Sarwate N/A
Quantum Computing: Implications for security Robert Michael Slade N/A
Pulling back the covers A look into the evolution of credit card theft and how to detect it Chester Wisniewski N/A
The Evolution of Defense Curtis Koenig N/A
SIEMplify . Enrich . Catch . Repeat Emrah Alpa N/A
Ripped from the Headlines: What the news tells us about Information Security Incidents Kevin Thompson , Suzanne Widup N/A
I am the Cavalry - It falls to us. Be a voice of reason. Drive cyber security for public good and public safety Curtis Koenig N/A
Build and fly your own Quadrocopter! Ruan Müller N/A
Modern Software is Like Lego & WTF Don’t People Use Secure Headers? Mark Curphey N/A
Filtering out the Noise Colin Keigher N/A
Welcome to the Threat Intelligence Revolution Greg Martin N/A
Spoofing Nmap Service Detection Alex Kropivny N/A
The human side of computer crime Mark Fenton N/A
Issues in Modern Web Crypto @wepiv N/A
Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Prioritizing the Insecticide Bob Fruth N/A
Machine learning for web logs Jeff Bryner N/A
Creating Developer Security Awareness: Using Attacks David Klassen N/A