CODASPY 2014 March 3, 2014 to March 5, 2014, San Antonio, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
RiskMon: Continuous and Automated Risk Assessment of Mobile Applications Gail-joon Ahn , Ziming Zhao , Hongxin Hu , Yiming Jing N/A
KameleonFuzz: Evolutionary Fuzzing for Black-Box XSS Detection Sanjay Rawat , Fabien Duchene , Jean-luc Richier , Roland Groz N/A
On Quantitative Dynamic Data Flow Tracking Alexander Pretschner , Enrico Lovat , Johan Oudinet N/A
Automated Black-box Detection of Access Control Vulnerabilities in Web Applications Xiaowei Li , Yuan Xue , Xujie Si N/A
PhishLock: Leveraging Modern JavaScript API's for Transparent and Robust Protection Martin Johns , Joachim Posegga , Bastian Braun , Johannes Koestler N/A
Is It Really You? User Identification via Adaptive Behavior Fingerprinting Paul Giura , Ilona Murynets , Roger Piqueras Jover , Yevgeniy Vahlis N/A
On Protection in Federated Social Computing Systems Payman Mohassel , Philip Fong , Ebrahim Tarameshloo N/A
Streamforce: Outsourcing Access Control Enforcement for Stream Data to the Clouds Anh Dinh , Anwitaman Datta N/A
Systematic Audit of Thirty-Party Android Phones Zhi Wang , Guanyu Tian , Michael Mitchell N/A
DIVILAR: Diversifying Intermediate Language for Anti-Repackaging on Android Platform Xuxian Jiang , Zhi Wang , Wu Zhou , Yajin Zhou N/A
An Efficient Privacy-Preserving System for Monitoring Mobile Users: Making Searchable Encryption Practical Razvan Rughinis , Gabriel Ghinita N/A
Compac: Enforce Component Level Access Control in Android Wenliang Du , Yifei Wang , Srinivas Hariharan , Chenxi Zhao , Jiaming Liu N/A
Inference Attack against Encrypted Range Queries on Outsourced Databases Mohammad Islam , Mehmet Kuzu , Murat Kantarcioglu N/A
Situational Awareness through Reasoning on Network Incidents in Controlled Networks Anna Squicciarini , Giuseppe Petracca , Bill Horne , Aurnob Nath N/A
PREC: Practical Root Exploit Containment for Android Devices William Enck , Tsung-hsuan Ho , Daniel Dean , Xiaohui Gu N/A
Security of Graph Data: Hashing Schemes and Definitions Elisa Bertino , Muhammad U. Arshad , Ashish Kundu , Krishna Madhavan , Arif Ghafoor N/A
COMPARS: Toward An Empirical Approach for Comparing the Resilience of Reputation Systems Ting Yu , Euijin Choo N/A
On the Suitability of Dissemination-centric Access Control Systems for Group-centric Sharing Adam j. Lee , William Iii , Yechen Qiao N/A
Wiretap-proof: What They Hear is Not What You Speak, and What You Speak They Do Not Hear Haining Wang , Hemant Sengar , Seyed Iranmanesh N/A
TrustID: Trustworthy Identities for Untrusted Mobile Devices Frederic Stumpf , Julian Horsch , Konstantin Böttinger , Michael Weiß , Sascha Wessel N/A
SobTrA: A Software-based Trust Anchor for ARM Cortex Application Processors Claudia Eckert , Frederic Stumpf , Julian Horsch , Sascha Wessel N/A
Efficient Privacy-Aware Search over Encrypted Databases Mehmet Kuzu , Murat Kantarcioglu , Mohammad Saiful Islam N/A
DroidBarrier: Know What is Executing on Your Android Danfeng Yao , Dennis Kafura , Hussain Almohri N/A
RopSteg: Program Steganography with Return Oriented Programming Debin Gao , Kangjie Lu , Siyang Xiong N/A
Keystroke Biometrics: the user perspective Payas Gupta , Debin Gao , Chee Meng Tey , Kartik Muralidharan N/A
Relationship-based Information Sharing in Cloud-based Decentralized Social Networks Barbara Carminati , Davide Alberto Albertini N/A
WebWinnow: Leveraging Exploit Kit Workflows to Detect Malicious URLs Venkat Venkatakrishnan , Birhanu Eshete N/A