DakotaCon 2014 March 7, 2014 to March 9, 2014, Madison,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How Highly Effective CSOs Prepare for DDoS Jeremy Scott , Jacob Faires N/A
Bypassing EMET 4.1 Jared Demott N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
JTAGulator: Assisted discovery of on-chip debug interfaces Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A
Moving the Industry Forward - The Purple Team Dave Kennedy N/A
Will it blend? Mike Sikorski N/A
Cheat Codez: Level UP Your SE Game Eric Smith N/A
Practical Malware Analysis: Rapid Introduction Mike Sikorski N/A
Hands-On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand N/A