FinanCryptandInfoSec 2014 March 3, 2014 to March 7, 2014, Accra,Barbados

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Session 1: Keynote Address Ross Anderson N/A
EMV: Why Payment Systems Fail Rei Safavi-naini N/A
Payment Systems Nicolas Christin N/A
Digital Check Forgery Attacks on Client Check Truncation Systems Rigel Gjomemo , Hafiz Malik , Nilesh Sumb , Rashid Ansari , V.n. Venkatakrishnan. N/A
Security protocols and evidence: where many payment systems fail Steven J. Murdoch , Ross Anderson. N/A
The Ghosts of Banking Past: Empirical Analysis of Closed Bank Websites Tyler Moore , Richard Clayton. N/A
Case Studies Jens Grossklags N/A
Hawk and Aucitas: e-auction schemes from the Helios and Civitas e-voting schemes Ben Smyth , Adam Mccarthy , Elizabeth Quaglia. N/A
Sex, Lies, or Kittens? Investigating the Use of Snapchat’s Self-Destructing Messages Franziska Roesner , Brian T. Gill , Tadayoshi Kohno. N/A
Short Paper: On the Awareness, Control and Privacy of Photo Metadata Benjamin Henne , Maximilian Koch , Matthew Smith. N/A
Outsmarting Proctors with Smart Watches: A Case Study on Wearable Computing Security Zakir Durumeric , Alex Migicovsky , Jeff Ringenberg , J. Alex Halderman. N/A
Cloud and Virtualization Helger Lipmaa N/A
A Secure Data Deduplication Scheme for Cloud Storage Jan Stanek , Lukas Kencl , Alessandro Sorniotti , Elli Androulaki. N/A
Confidentiality Issues on a GPU in a Virtualized Environment Clémentine Maurice , Christoph Neumann , Olivier Heen , Aurélien Francillon. N/A
Elliptic Curve Cryptography Tatsuaki Okamoto N/A
Elligator Squared: Uniform Points on Elliptic Curves of Prime Order as Uniform Random Strings Mehdi Tibouchi. N/A
Elliptic Curve Cryptography in Practice J. Alex Halderman , Nadia Heninger , Joppe w. Bos , Jonathan Moore , Michael Naehrig , Eric Wustrow. N/A
Privacy-Preserving Systems Kazuo Ohta N/A
Practical Secure Decision Tree Learning in a Teletreatment Application Berry Schoenmakers , Sebastiaan De Hoogh , Ping Chen , Harm Akker. N/A
Scaling Private Set Intersection to Billion-Element Sets Seny Kamara , Mariana Raykova , Payman Mohassel , Saeed Sadeghian. N/A
Efficient Non-Interactive Zero Knowledge Arguments for Set Operations Helger Lipmaa , Prastudy Fauzi , Bingsheng Zhang. N/A
Garbled Searchable Symmetric Encryption Kaoru Kurosawa. N/A
Authentication and Visual Encryption Ahmad-reza Sadeghi N/A
Efficient and Strongly Secure Dynamic Domain-Specific Pseudonymous Signatures for ID Documents Julien Bringer , Roch Lescuyer , Herve Chabanne , Alain Patey. N/A
A Short Paper on How to Improve U-Prove Using Self-Blindable Certificates Lucjan Hanzlik , Kamil Kluczniak. N/A
Attack on a U-Prove Revocation Scheme from FC’13 - Exploiting the Weakness of the Underlying Accumulator Scheme (Short Paper) Lucjan Hanzlik , Kamil Kluczniak , Miroslaw Kutylowski. N/A
Sample or Random Security – A Security Model for Segment-Based Visual Encryption Sebastian Pape. N/A
Network Security Roger Dingledine N/A
You Won't Be Needing These Any More: On Removing Unused Certificates From Trust Stores Henning Perl , Sascha Fahl , Matthew Smith. N/A
Challenges in protecting Tor hidden services from botnet abuse Nicholas Hopper. N/A
Identifying Risk Factors for Webserver Compromise Marie Moore. N/A
Mobile System Security Matthew Smith N/A
Drone to the Rescue: Relay-Resilient Authentication using Ambient Multi-Sensing Nitesh Saxena , Babins Shrestha , Hien Truong , N. Asokan. N/A
When More Becomes Less: On the (In)Security of Mobile Two-Factor Authentication Alexandra Dmitrienko , Christopher Liebchen , Christian Rossow , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi. N/A
MoP-2-MoP -- Mobile private microblogging Erik Tews , Stefan Katzenbeisser , Ahmad-reza Sadeghi. , Marius Senftleben , Mihai Bucicoiu , Frederik Armknecht N/A
Incentives, Game Theory and Risk Rainer Boehme N/A
Privacy Preserving Tatonnement; A Cryptographic Construction of an Incentive Compatible Market John Ross Wallrabenstein , Chris Clifton. N/A
Estimating Systematic Risk in Real-World Networks Jens Grossklags , Benjamin Johnson , Aron Laszka , Mark Felegyhazi. N/A
Majority is not Enough: Bitcoin Mining is Vulnerable Ittay Eyal , Emin Gun Sirer. N/A
Bitcoin Anonymity Tyler Moore N/A
BitIodine: Extracting Intelligence from the Bitcoin Network Federico Maggi , Michele Spagnuolo , Stefano Zanero. N/A
An Analysis of Anonymity in Bitcoin Using P2P Network Traffic Philip Koshy , Diana Koshy , Patrick Mcdaniel. N/A