FSE 2014 March 3, 2014 to March 5, 2014, London,UK

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Direct Construction of Recursive MDS Diffusion Layers using Shortened BCH Codes (Best Paper Award) Daniel Augot , Matthieu Finiasz N/A
LS-Designs: Bitslice Encryption for Efficient Masked Software Implementations Kerem Varici , Gaetan Leurent , Francois-xavier Standaert , Vicente Grosso N/A
SPRING: Fast Pseudorandom Functions from Rounded Ring Products Gaetan Leurent , Abhishek Banerjee , Hai Brenner , Chris Peikert , Alon Rosen N/A
Invited Talk I Christian Rechberger N/A
Low weight polynomials and crypto Thomas Johansson N/A
Cryptanalysis I Orr Dunkelman N/A
Match Box Meet-in-the-Middle Attack against KATAN Thomas Fuhr , Brice Minaud N/A
Collision Spectrum, Entropy Loss, T-Sponges, and Cryptanalysis of GLUON-64 Dmitry Khovratovich , Leo Paul Perrin N/A
Improved All-Subkeys Recovery Attacks on FOX, KATAN and SHACAL-2 Block cipher Takanori Isobe , Kyoji Shibutani N/A
Improved Single-Key Attacks on 9-Round AES-192/256 Leibo Li , Keting Jia , Xiaoyun Wang N/A
Authenticated Encryption Serge Vaudenay N/A
CLOC: Authenticated Encryption for Short Input Tetsu Iwata , Jian Guo , Kazuhiko Minematsu , Sumio Morioka N/A
APE: Authenticated Permutation-Based Encryption for Lightweight Cryptography Andrey Bogdanov , Bart Mennink , Elena Andreeva , Atul Luykx , Kan Yasuda , Begül Bilgin , Nicky Mouha N/A
COBRA: A Parallelizable Authenticated Online Cipher Without Block Cipher Inverse Bart Mennink , Elena Andreeva , Atul Luykx , Kan Yasuda N/A
Pipelineable On-Line Encryption David Mcgrew , Scott Fluhrer , Stefan Lucks , Christian Forler , Jakob Wenzel , Farzaneh Abed , Eik List N/A
Cryptanalysis of FIDES Itai Dinur , Jeremy Jean N/A
Foundations and Theory Elena Andreeva N/A
Security Analysis of Key-Alternating Feistel Ciphers Rodolphe Lampe , Yannick Seurin N/A
The Related-Key Analysis of Feistel Constructions Manuel Barbosa , Pooya Farshim N/A
The Indistinguishability of the XOR of k permutations Rodolphe Lampe , Jacques Patarin , Benoît Cogliati N/A
Impact of ANSI X9.24-1:2009 Key Check Value on ISO/IEC 9797-1:2011 MACs Lei Wang , Tetsu Iwata N/A
Stream Ciphers Thomas Johansson N/A
Plaintext Recovery Attacks Against WPA/TKIP Jacob Schuldt , Bertram Poettering , Kenneth g. Paterson N/A
Dependence in IV-related bytes of RC4 key enhances vulnerabilities in WPA Goutam Paul , Sourav Sen Gupta , Subhamoy Maitra , Willi Meier , Santanu Sarkar N/A
Cryptanalysis II Anne Canteaut N/A
Probabilistic Slide Cryptanalysis and Its Applications to LED-64 and Zorro Hadi Soleimany N/A
Improved Linear Sieving Techniques with Applications to Step-Reduced LED-64 Orr Dunkelman , Adi Shamir , Itai Dinur , Nathan Keller N/A
Differential-Linear Cryptanalysis Revisited (Best Paper Award) Gregor Leander , Kaisa Nyberg , Céline Blondeau N/A
Improved Slender-set Linear Cryptanalysis Guo-qiang Liu , Chen-hui Jin , Chuan-da Qi N/A
Cryptanalysis of KLEIN Virginie Lallemand , María Naya-plasencia N/A
Hash Functions Thomas Peyrin N/A
Branching Heuristics in Differential Collision Search with Applications to SHA-512 Florian Mendel , Martin Schläffer , Maria Eichlseder N/A
On the Minimum Number of Multiplications Necessary for Universal Hash Constructions Mridul Nandi N/A
Collision Attack on 5 Rounds of Groestl Florian Mendel , Vincent Rijmen , Martin Schläffer N/A
Cryptanalysis III Frederik Armknecht N/A
Differential Cryptanalysis of round-reduced Simon and speck Stefan Lucks , Jakob Wenzel , Farzaneh Abed , Eik List N/A
Differential Analysis of Block Ciphers SIMON and SPECK Alex Biryukov , Arnab Roy , Vesselin Velichkov N/A
Equivalent Key Recovery Attacks against HMAC and NMAC with Whirlpool Reduced to 7 Rounds Yu Sasaki , Lei Wang , Meiqin Wang , Long Wen , Jian Guo N/A
Multiple Differential Cryptanalysis of Round-Reduced PRINCE Anne Canteaut , Henri Gilbert , Thomas Fuhr , María Naya-plasencia , Jean-rené Reinhard N/A
Advanced Constructions Carlos Cid N/A
Efficient Fuzzy Search on Encrypted Data Alexandra Boldyreva , Nathan Chenette N/A