RootedCon 2014 March 6, 2014 to March 8, 2014, Madrid,Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Sinfonier: Storm Builder for Security Investigations Francisco Jesús Gómez , Carlos Juan Diaz N/A
Hiding communications in natural language Alfonso Muñoz N/A
Bypassing wifi pay-walls with Android Pau Oliva N/A
Agility: the path to security Antonio Ramos N/A
The Kill Chain: A day in the life of an APT Raj Shah N/A
Cyberwar: Looking for... touchdown! Pablo González , Juan Antonio Calles N/A
Skype Without Levita. An analysis of security and privacy. Alberto Cita N/A
Hackers are from Mars, judges are from Venus Jorge Bermúdez N/A
Secure Communications System Jose Luis Verdeguer , Victor Seva N/A
Mac OS X Low level forensics Joaquín Moreno Garijo N/A
RSA turns 36 and its youth card has expired Jorge Ramió N/A
Cyberwar: From Wargames to Die Hard 4 José Luis Quintero , Felix Estrada N/A
Microsoft Vulnerability Research: How to be a finder as a vendor Jeremy Brown , David Seidman N/A IncludeThinkstScapes
Playing and Hacking with Digital Latches Chema Alonso N/A
Native WiFi Analysis in Windows Miguel Tarasco N/A
Targeted attacks with Wi-Fi APTs Andrés Tarasco N/A
Security economics: from more with less to more with nothing Roberto Baratta N/A
Why they call it APT's when they really mean money? Cesar Lorenzana , Javier Rodriguez N/A
50 shades of crimeware Manu Quintans , Frank Ruiz N/A
Going deeper on aviation security Hugo Teso N/A
Attacking 3G David Perez , Jose Pico N/A
Handware Hacking Borja Berástegui N/A
Kicking SCADA around Juan Vazquez , Julián Vilas N/A
Magnetic Road Aladdin Gurbanov N/A
iOS: Back to the future Raul Siles N/A