Adfsl 2014 May 28, 2014 to May 29, 2014, Virginia,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Introductions Director Adfsl , Glenn s. Dardick N/A
Keynote Speech: Digital Forensics at the Crossroads Mark Pollitt N/A
Awareness of Scam E-mail: An Exploratory Research Study Tejashree D. Datar N/A
Why Penetration Testing is a Limited Use Choice for Sound Cyber Security Practice Craig Valli N/A
LiFE (Logical iOS Forensics Examiner): An Open Source iOS Backup Forensics Examination Tool Ibrahim Baggili N/A
Using Internet Artifacts to Profile a Child Pornography Suspect Kathryn C. Seigfried-spellar N/A
Internet Addiction to Child Pornography Rachel Sitarz N/A
Generation and Handling of Hard Drive Duplicates as Piece of Evidence Nicolai Kuntze N/A
Testing The Harmonised Digital Forensic Investigation Process in Post Mortem Digital Investigation Emilio Raymond Mumba N/A
Current Revision Effort of ESI Aspects of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Joseph Iv N/A
Applying Memory Forensics to Rootkit Detection Igor Korkin N/A
Computer Forensics for Accountants Grover Kearns N/A
Development and Dissemination of a New Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Curriculum in Digital Forensics Masooda Bashir N/A
Botnet Forensic Investigation Techniques and Cost Evaluation Brian O. Cusack N/A
Visualizing Instant Messaging Author Writeprints for Forensic Analysis Angela Orebaugh N/A
Application Of Toral Automorphisms to Preserve Confidentiality Principle in Video Live Streaming Enrique García N/A
Work in Progress: An Architecture for Network Path Reconstruction via Backtraced OSPF LSDB Synchronization Raymond Hansen N/A
Investigative Techniques of N-Way Vendor Agreement and Network Analysis Demonstrated with Fake Antivirus Gary Warner , Michael Nagy N/A