AfricaCrypt 2014 May 28, 2014 to May 30, 2014, Marrakesh,morroco

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Proxy Re-Encryption Scheme Supporting a Selection of Delegatees Fabien Laguillaumie , Julien Devigne , Eleonora Guerrini N/A
Trapdoor Privacy in Asymmetric Searchable Encryption Schemes Afonso Arriaga , Qiang Tang , And Peter Ryan N/A
Kurosawa-Desmedt Key Encapsulation Mechanism, Revisited Kaoru Kurosawa , Le trieu Phong N/A
Invited Speaker Antoine Joux N/A
Differential Biases in Reduced-Round Keccak Willi Meier , Sourav Das N/A
Practical Distinguishers Against 6-Round Keccak-f Exploiting Self-Symmetry Sukhendu Kuila , Dhiman Saha , Madhumangal Pal , Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury N/A
Preimage Attacks on Reduced-round Stribog Amr Youssef , Riham Altawy N/A
Breaking the IOC Authenticated Encryption Mode Serge Vaudenay , Paul Bottinelli , Reza Reyhanitabar N/A
New Treatment of the BSW Sampling and Its Applications to Stream Ciphers Lin Ding , Chenhui Jin , Jie Guan , Chuanda Qi N/A
Multidimensional Zero-Correlation Linear Cryptanalysis of E2 Meiqin Wang , Long Wen , And Andrey Bogdanov N/A
Further Improvement of Factoring RSA Moduli with Implicit Hint Jun (Jim) Xu , Liqiang Peng , Lei Hu , Zhangjie Huang , Yonghong Xie N/A
New Attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem Abderrahmane Nitaj , Muhammad Ariffin , Hatem M. Bahig , Dieaa I. Nassr N/A
Formulae for computation of Tate pairing on hyperelliptic curve using hyperelliptic nets Christophe Tran N/A
New Speed Records for Montgomery Modular Multiplication on 8-bit AVR Microcontrollers Zhe Liu , Johann Großschädl N/A
Minimizing S-Boxes in Hardware by Utilizing Linear Transformations Phuong ha Nguyen , Sebastian Kutzner , Axel Poschmann , Marc Stöttinger N/A
Efficient Masked S-Boxes Processing, A Step Forward Francois-xavier Standaert , Emmanuel Prouff , Vincent Grosso N/A
A More Efficient AES Threshold Implementation Svetla Nikova , Vincent Rijmen , Ventzislav Nikov , Begül Bilgin , Benedikt Gierlichs N/A
Constant Rounds Almost Linear Complexity Multi-party Computation for Prefix Sum Koutarou Suzuki , Kazuki Yoneyama , Kazuma Ohara , Kazuo Ohta N/A
Position-Based Cryptography from the Noisy Channels Stefan Dziembowski , Maciej Zdanowicz N/A
A Comparison of the Homomorphic Encryption Schemes FV and YASHE Michael Naehrig , Tancrède Lepoint N/A
Towards Lattice Based Aggregate Signatures Rachid El Bansarkhani , Johannes Buchmann N/A
A Second Look at Fischlin's Transformation Özgür Dagdelen , Daniele Venturi N/A
Anonymous IBE from Quadratic Residuosity with Improved Performance Michael Clear , Ciarán Mcgoldrick , Hitesh Tewari N/A
Expressive Attribute Based Signcryption with Constant-Size Ciphertext Y. Sreenivasa Rao , Ratna Dutta N/A
DRECON : DPA Resistant Encryption by Construction Sylvain Guilley , Suvadeep Hajra , Chester Rebeiro , Shivam Bhasin , Gaurav Bajaj , Sahil Sharma , Debdeep Mukhopadhyay N/A
Counter-bDM: A Provably Secure Family of Multi-Block-Length Compression Functions Stefan Lucks , Christian Forler , Jakob Wenzel , Farzaneh Abed , Eik List N/A