BSidesBoston 2014 May 9, 2014 to May 10, 2014, Bostun,USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Friday's Opening Remarks Roy N/A
Keynote: Jack Daniel - Doomed to repeat, InfoSec’s failure to learn from the past Jack Daniel , Roy N/A
Offensive Mobile Forensics Thomas E. Hart , Joey Peloquin N/A
"Auditing all the things" for smarter detection and faster incident response Macy Cronkrite , Mark Thomas N/A
Why You Should Give Up Online Social Networks? Jason Ding , Kc N/A
Next Generation Red Teaming Robert Wood , Frank Quinn N/A
The Challenge of Natural Security Systems Rockie Brockway , Kc N/A
Bitcoin Explorer - Visualizing/Monitoring Bitcoin Transactions Macy Cronkrite , David Bressler (@bostonlink) N/A
Keynote: Michael Davis - Using Hackers’ Own Methods & Tools to Defeat Persistent Adversaries Michael L. Davis , Frank Quinn N/A
CTF Results, Prizes and Closing Remarks Paul Drapeau , Roy N/A
Keynote: Heartbleed As Metaphor Dan Geer , Roy N/A
Capture The Flag (CTF) Paul Drapeau N/A
Not Just a Number: CVE in the End of Days Roy , Steve Coley N/A
Run OpenVPN In Your Home Paul Braren , Frank Quinn N/A
Abusing Mobile Games Ming Chow , Roy N/A
Running Cyber Tabletop Exercise and Lessons Learned David Dumas , Frank Quinn N/A
Keynote: Target, Snowden, Heartbleed … Oh my!: Rob Cheyne Rob Cheyne , Roy N/A
Will Schroeder: Pwnstaller 1.0 Will Schroeder , Kc N/A
3D printing for fun and science? A conversation about digital fabrication & You Roy , Matt Bernhardt N/A
Detecting malicious activity in the cloud Thomas E. Hart , Robert Kiss N/A
Pre-emptive Detection of Cyber Threat Macy Cronkrite , Zeeshan Ali Shah N/A
Information Security Careers and Education Panel Paul Asadoorian , Rob Cheyne , Ming Chow , Roy , Lea Snyder , Mark Knowlton N/A
TOOOL: Introduction To Lockpicking Thomas E. Hart , Max Turkewitz , Tom Williams , Casey Dunham N/A